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Student Spotlight


What are Student Spotlights?

Enrollment and Student Achievement is focused on the achievements of students of Austin Peay State University. The Student Spotlights are designed to help do just that - bring into focus the achievements of students across the university landscape. We have a strong populace of students who deserve to be recognized, and this is where the Student Spotlights come in!

How do I get nominated?

Getting nominated for our spotlight originates from academic and university office. An example of an academic department is Criminal Justice. An example of a university office is the African American Cultural Center. All nominations from these areas can be submitted to sa@apsu.edu with the e-mail header reading: ESA Spotlight Nomination

What does being nominated for a Spotlight entail?

Students who are nominated to be on our Student Spotlight will be given a short interview asking a few questions about your experience at APSU.