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Austin Peay Experience: Four-year Graduation Guarantee

The Austin Peay Experience Four-year Graduation Guarantee applies to all undergraduate degree programs of 128 semester hours or fewer.

Austin Peay State University Responsibilities

*The student must request a course substitution or waiver of tuition prior to the beginning of classes for the last semester of the student's four-year (eight semester) plan. The waiver of tuition will be limited to tuition and mandatory fees for the required course(s) and does not extend to any other cost of attendance including room and board fees and textbooks. All other fees will be the responsibility of the student.

Student Responsibilities and Eligibility

* If you transfer in credits, those credits may count towards your benchmark completion each year.

At various points, students may fall out of compliance with the agreement because of financial constraints, academic performance, change of major, and/or other issues. Students should work with their advisors to determine what options (summer school, tutoring, etc.) may exist to address those issues and come back into compliance.