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Frequently Asked Questions

An adult or nontraditional student is not defined only by age (usually over 24), they are also students with life circumstances different from the typical traditional student. These circumstances include, but are not limited to students who are:
  • parents
  • married, divorced, or single
  • caring for elderly parents
  • veterans
  • returning to college after a period of time in the work force or working in their home
  • entering college for the first time, not right after high school graduation
  • full-time, part-time or seasonal employees
  • distance learners
What makes adult and nontraditional students unique from other students and similar to each other is the multiple roles they assume in order to attend college.
A transfer student is someone with prior academic credits from another college or university. This usually means that the student has some experience of college life, but that may be very different from APSU life! This brings challenges not faced by other continuing or returning students which we can help with.

Most scholarships at APSU are open to all students- transfer and nontraditional included. Nontraditional and transfer students are encouraged to apply for any and all scholarships. The types of scholarships that are not available are those that are typically bestowed on new students based on their high school performance. See our newly admitted checklist for scholarship and financial aid information.


We have also compiled a list of scholarships for Nontraditional and Transfer students here. These include external scholarships that our students have received. 

Yes, all students pay the same activity fee and are encouraged to participate in campus events and organizations. Likewise, events sponsored by the ANTS Center are also open to traditional students. 

APSU Event Calendar
Gov ANTANTS stands for Adult, Nontraditional, and Transfer Students. ANTS are notoriously strong creatures with the ability to adapt and overcome. We like to think that our nontraditional and transfer students do the same as they transition to student life at APSU. 
The Austin Peay State University Child Learning Center serves children of APSU students, staff, and faculty as well as children in the community. The Child Learning Center is located in the Sexton building on Eighth Street and serves children from 2 1/2 to 5 years of age.  Parents are encouraged to visit the center prior to making a decision to enroll their child.

Another great resource for finding childcare in the state of Tennessee is the Department of Human Services Website. Here you are able to search childcare centers and see their evaluations, hours, and contact information. There is also information on childcare payment assistance while in school.
The ANTS Center aims to make all of its programs and events child-friendly. All of our events include a brief description of activities so you can determine if you would like to bring your child. Please remember that this includes dependents as well! If you are the regular caregiver for a sibling, grandchild, etc. then please feel free to bring them as well! All events can be found on our PeayLink and Facebook page. 
That's not uncommon! Stop by the ANTS Center when we are open to meet other Adult Learners who are regulars to the center. We also have Adult Café! This is a group of students over the age of 24 that meet over lunch and discuss how to be involved and successful as an adult-learner. Group meetings are ran by a senior student who is also an adult-learner at APSU. Lunch is provided to group members. Check out the upcoming dates for Adult Café on PeayLink or under our Events tab!
  1. Come visit us! One of the best ways to get started at APSU is to schedule a campus tour and see where everything is located! This is also a great chance to meet with faculty in your major, explore the different parts of campus and visit the ANTS Center in the University Center (Room 111)!
  2. Access your OneStop Portal by using your APSU username in your acceptance letter (usually first initial, last name and a number – something like jharkness42 or hsaxon5). Your password is typically ApA followed by your 8 digit A#, so it should look like ApA00123456. If you have any issues, there is an IT Helpdesk in the lobby of the University Center or you can call (931) 221-4357.
  3. Apply for Scholarships using our online scholarship application to be considered for non-academic scholarships. This general scholarship application opens November 1 and closes March 1, so get admitted early! Academic scholarship decisions are made based upon information provided on the admission application. See here for our academic scholarships specifically for transfer students. 
  4. Apply for Financial Aid as soon as possible if you would like to be considered for other types of financial aid at Austin Peay. Remember, the FAFSA opens October 1 and you should fill it out on or as close to that day as possible.  Click here for a detailed Financial Aid checklist.
  5. Apply for Housing if you plan to live on campus. You can find more about the different options for housing from that link to see which fits you best. 
  6. Submit your Medical Forms as soon as possible to prevent any delays in registering or moving into the residence halls.  All new and returning students must show proof of measles, mumps and rubella, (MMR), varicella (chickenpox), hepatitis B, and meningitis (if living on campus).
  7. Registration information: Students who have been admitted to the Clarksville campus will be invited to attend in-person or online orientation. Click here for more information.
  1. Visit www.onestop.apsu.edu and enter your username and password.
  2. Click Web Self Service, then Student, and Registration.
  3. Next, click Student Printable Schedule with Textbook Express.
  4. Enter the term, and then click Submit.
You should first contact your Academic Advisor to discuss a course substitution. This does require approval from Academic Advisors as well. If you are concerned of a mistake on your transcript, then you should contact the Office of the Registrar.
Your evaluated transcript will be available for online view via OneStop. Login to OneStop > Web Self Service > your online transcript will be under Student Records within the Student tab.
PeayLink.com is where all active student organizations are located. This is also the website we use to post department and campus events. You can either go directly to the website or find a link on OneStop. Your login information for PeayLink is the same as OneStop.
The date for confirming classes varies by semester; however, it is posted on the Academic Calendar. The Academic Calendar can be found on the website under the A-Z Index. You will confirm and pay for your classes through Web Self Service. It falls within the Student Account section under the Student Tab.
You will receive your advisor via email once you have completed your online orientation. If you attend in-person orientation, you will be advised that day. You can also find your advisor's information on your OneStop Advising Page. This is on Web Self Service within the Student Registration section under the Student Tab.


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