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Our programs are planned to be relevant for Nontraditional students and we have events every semester. Programs are funded by student fees and all students across campus are welcome. Why do we place so much emphasis on extra-curricular activity? Because students who get involved tend to complete their studies. There is a direct causal relationship between your social experience at school and your academic success.

Even though involvement can be difficult, especially for students with children, it is easily accomplished by just attending a one-shot program, a sporting event, or even the gym. All of these activities statistically improve the chances for degree completion. 

Some of the programs we offer include the regular Commuter CoffeeBRAKEs, Take Me Out to the Ballgame every month and the end of semester Helping Hands for graduating students. You can find more information about all of our programs and events on Peaylink.

Peaylink is the software program where a live feed of student engagement is constantly updating for real time information. The first time you visit you will have to register and you will be prompted to put in your A-number. After that, it is just your username and password.

Also download CORQ on your Apple or Android Device! Corq connects with Peaylink so that you can have all the events on campus at your fingertips on one simple app!