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Examity Online Proctoring

Examity Access Ending August 2nd, 2024
Access to Examity online proctoring for both instructors and students will end with the Summer 2024 terms on August 2nd, 2024.  Moving forward, Honorlock will remain as the solely supported online proctoring tool by Distance Education.

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Online proctoring can help improve online exam integrity and student identity verification.  Students do not have to find their own local proctors, drive to campus, or meet up on a specific date/time!Examity logo

General Information

Examity authenticates test-takers, prevents cheating and protects test content.  Examity lets faculty select the security level that best fits their needs.  Support is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via online chat, email, and phone.  Faculty have access to reports.  From completion rates and violation reports to video files, Examity’s comprehensive dashboard gives faculty access to all the information allowing them to quickly assess, and address aberrant behavior.

Examity protects data and privacy by following privacy guidelines (e.g. FERPA, GDPR, etc.) and collecting the minimum amount of personal data as possible (first and last name and email address).  Examity is also ADA compliant and compatible with assistive technologies. 

Security Levels

Please note, Examity is in the process of changing the names of their security levels so you may see various terminology.  Refer to the table below for naming and feature guidance.

Current Name Former Names Features
Automated Practice Not Applicable For student practice purposes only; allows students to experience Examity and online proctoring and to test their technology; utilizes auto authentication and auto proctoring
Live Authentication + Audit Live Standard or Level 2 Live authentication, live review of exam recording, flagged violations with video, and human audit
Live Proctoring Live Premium or Level 3 Live authentication, live low-ratio proctoring, real-time on-screen support, immediate intervention, flagged violations with video, and human audit