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Examity v5 Faculty Resources

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Important Update

The Examity Legacy Version has been used at APSU for several years; however, we will be transitioning to the new version of Examity, referred to as Examity v5, on August 10, 2022 between the summer and fall terms.  All instructors will use the new version beginning with the Fall 2022 terms.  The new version is considered a new tool within D2L and will require instructors to update their course.  The user experience and some processes for both instructors and students have also changed.  Current Examity users can review this guide for key updates.

Online Proctoring at APSU

Distance Education provides online proctoring options for APSU faculty and students as this functionality is widely used in the online teaching and learning arena to help improve academic integrity and identity verification.  Additionally, student use through this contract ensures they do not pay any additional costs for proctored exams.  APSU does not have a policy that requires the use of proctored exams in online courses.  Use of the tool is based solely on faculty preference and their determination of the best assessment type and necessary security to assess individual student achievement of learning objectives.  If they choose to use online proctoring, faculty should also be aware that it may not be feasible for all students and/or create challenges for their students (some disability accommodations, lack of access, etc.) and be prepared to offer accommodations and alternatives.

Additionally, consider if the type of assessment warrants online proctoring.  For example, an essay test might not be appropriate for online proctoring while a multiple-choice test would benefit from the tool.  This will help achieve a balance between need, cost, and student success.  Please keep in mind that any additional technology in the online environment is another tool you and your students will need to learn and it can create technical issues and frustration in an already stressful testing situation.  Often, a good balance can be found by using online proctoring for higher stakes assessments such as midterms, finals, and larger module assessments.  

Regardless of online proctoring use, Distance Education encourages faculty to take measures with their quizzes/exams/tests that discourage academic misconduct.  These measures include:

  • Convert multiple-choice questions into long answer, short answer, etc.
  • Create question pools that will pull a random set of questions for each student’s test.
  • Randomize the order of questions and the answers within a test.
  • Shorten the test time to limit the amount of time students would have to search for question answers.
  • Reduce the number of questions per exam page and prevent students from moving back to previous questions. This can help prevent students from splitting up the test to share answers.
  • Consider changing the assessment type. Possible options may include a paper, presentation, video, etc.

Want to learn more about these options?  Email Distance Education at online@apsu.edu.

Remote Testing and Alternative Assessments

Remote Testing and Alternative Assessments

Resources for selecting, designing, and administering assessments in a remote learning environment.

Remote Testing and Alternative Assessments