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Examity Instructor FAQ

Examity’s proctoring team is comprised of strong communicators, technical troubleshooters and well-focused college professionals.  Examity's proctors go through a rigorous selection process, including multiple rounds of interviews and a comprehensive background check.  

Examity wants you to know about their proctors:

“Our proctors are considered best-in-class. They are college educated and come to Examity with years of technical support accomplishments.

Our proctoring team’s skills are sharpened during our 8-week intensive training program. Instruction focuses on Examity software, troubleshooting, privacy and the identification of suspicious behavior. The final 60 hours of training include situational analysis and role-playing.

Proctor service is built around distinct time zones, ensuring that testers have comprehensive availability, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year, including weekends and holidays.”

Instructors are able to customize their exam including rules and leave special directions/notes to the proctor and/or student.  This enables you to customize the test experience just like you would in the classroom.  For example, instructors can create specific rules for what a test-taker can and cannot have with them during the test. The page also enables instructors to select the security level and indicate unique accommodations, such as extended time allowances for specific test-takers.  

Examity provides real-time updates. As a student goes through the proctoring process, the system is updated automatically. Instructors can check whether the test-taker has scheduled the test, whether the proctor has submitted comments, and if the test has passed the audit stage. 99% of are audited and available for instructors within 48 hours.

  • Green flags signify that everything went well with an exam. That means that authentication was verified, and no exam violations occurred. Two green flags on an exam are ideal. 
  • Yellow flags indicate that a rule has technically been broken, but cheating has not necessarily taken place. 
  • Red flags indicate clear cheating behavior. 
  • Blue flags indicate that a technical issue occurred during the testing session.

As a reminder, Examity provides information for you to make decisions about academic integrity in your classroom.  It is ultimately up to the instructor to decide if there has been academic misconduct and determine next steps.