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Examity Access Ending August 2nd, 2024
Access to Examity online proctoring for both instructors and students will end with the Summer 2024 terms on August 2nd, 2024.  Moving forward, Honorlock will remain as the solely supported online proctoring tool by Distance Education.

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After proctoring concludes, faculty should review the identity verification information provided by each student and the results of student testing sessions.  Examity will flag issues/incidents, but, ultimately, the instructor must make determinations on academic integrity.  Examity is there to help you make an informed decision. 

Exam proctoring information stays in the Examity portal for 30 days and then it is deleted.  Additionally, red flags are maintained for one year and can be requested from Examity if needed after the 30 days.

Understanding Student Test Results with Examity Analytics

In this guide, we cover Examity analytics. This is essential to managing your students’ progress through the online proctoring experience as well as the results from the proctoring sessions This guide provides steps on how to navigate the Examity dashboard so you can manage students' progress and access results from proctoring sessions.

Examity Analytics Guide