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College of STEM Departments


The Department of Agriculture at Austin Peay State University is part of the College of STEM. The department, including faculty offices and classrooms, is housed in the Sundquist Science Complex. The department currently has six full-time faculty members and six adjunct faculty members, with  approximately 250 agriculture majors including those in the pre-professional programs. The department oversees the 440-acre Farm and Environmental Education Center, which is located three miles from the main campus which has a $1.2 million Animal Science teaching facility. The FEEC is used by the department for laboratories, field trips, and land-judging contests. Private farms and agriculture industries also are used to support classroom learning activities.

Allied Health Sciences

Through APSU's Department of Allied Health Sciences, you can prepare for in-demand healthcare careers in medical laboratory science, radiologic technology, radiography, and nuclear medicine.


Austin Peay State University’s Department of Biology provides an intellectual and motivational environment for career development in many areas of biology.  Students can pursue training in field biology, botany, zoology, animal and plant physiology, microbiology, molecular genetics, and environmental assessment.


The Department of Chemistry at Austin Peay State University is nationally certified by the American Chemical Society, devoted to student success, and prepares students for a wide variety of career options.  Our mission is to educate students to independently and critically think, apply chemical concepts and principles to better understand the scientific world, and help them to become scientifically literate. We use innovative pedagogical and research strategies to engage students and cultivate a passion for chemistry and scientific learning. 

Computer Science and Information Technology

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology offers three Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degrees. There are six areas of study (concentrations) available under the three majors.  Computer Systems Concentration emphasizes programming and hardware concepts and prepares students for graduate school.  Cybersecurity Concentration prepares students to work in the information security and data protection areas.  Database Administration Concentration prepares students to be database administrators and emphasizes Web-based applications.  Internet and Web Technology Concentration prepares students to manage and support Web-based systems.  Networking Concentration provides students with an in-depth understanding of the foundations of data communication and modern networking technology.

Earth and Environmental Sciences

The Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences offers a Bachelor of Science in Earth and Environmental Sciences with two concentrations that prepare students for working in a diversity of specialties such as the geological sciences, environmental hazards, geographic information science, and global environment and development. In addition, we also offer minors in Geology, Geography, GIS and Water Resources Management.  

Engineering Technology

Engineering Technology is a science that is centered on individuals who want to be an engineer, but at the same time want to be able to be involved in the actual manufacturing or implementation of the items they modify or design.  It is a field that challenges the abilities of anyone who has dreamed of becoming an engineer or technologist.  Currently the Engineering Technology department at APSU has a variety of concentrations at the Bachelor of Science and Associate levels.  Each concentration, whether A.A.S. or B.S., has been designed to train students to become highly skilled engineering technologists for employment in industry.

Mathematics and Statistics

The knowledgeable and friendly faculty of the Department of Mathematics at Austin Peay are dedicated to providing a quality education in mathematics. Students pursuing a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Mathematics may choose from five options: Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Statistics, Data Science and Actuarial Science. In addition, licensed teachers can pursue an advanced degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a Mathematics Specialization. We also offer two minors; Mathematics and Applied Statistics.  The study of mathematics enhances critical thinking skills and provides an excellent background for a career in most any field, including science, engineering, education, law, and medicine. Let the Mathematics faculty at Austin Peay help you prepare for the career of your choice!  

Physics, Engineering and Astronomy

The APSU Physics Major is versatile enough to provide superior preparation for graduate study or a career in a wide variety of physics-related disciplines, from Astrophysics to Engineering to Medicine.  Its large selection of major electives allow the student to tailor the major to exactly the career path in which they are interested.

Engineering Physics is the interdisciplinary study of physics, mathematics, and engineering with a particular emphasis on developing advanced techniques to solve complex, real-world problems.  Engineering physicists are best suited to applying new technologies to problems in engineering design and manufacturing where established mechanical or electrical engineering approaches are inadequate.  Engineering physics includes design as an element of the curriculum, much like an engineering program, while also requiring more advanced physics than a typical engineering degree.  Engineering physicists typically work in high-tech industrial and manufacturing settings on teams with engineers and engineering technologists to solve real-world design and implementation problems.

The Astronomy Minor is designed to appeal to students outside the sciences, but can also be paired with a physics major for students wishing to pursue astrophysics in graduate school.