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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Preparation for Veterinary School

What should I major in if I want to go to veterinary school? There is not a specific major that is required for admittance in a veterinary program. With your advisor’s assistance you can design a program that meets the requirements to enter veterinary school while studying what you are most interested. Students who have developed excellent writing and speaking skills, possess analytic and synthetic thinking ability, life-long learners who are enthusiastic, and understand the interpersonal aspects of medicine are they type of students most veterinary schools seek. Your major does not determine your success in being accepted to veterinary school.

Undergraduate Preparation

There are certain criteria that must be fulfilled for admittance to veterinary programs. You and your academic advisor will need to examine

Early in your academic career you will need to research some of the veterinary schools you are interested in attending in order to insure you will meet all their criteria for admission. Some basic factors common to all professional schools include: