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STEM Scholars 

This College of STEM program is focused on helping high achieving students successfully transition to APSU by establishing a community connection with STEM Scholars, upper-level STEM students, and STEM faculty and staff, all while exploring a rich environment of research and leadership opportunities.

Student in Chemistry class

  • One or more of the following:
    • HS GPA of 3.75 or above
    • Science Reasoning ACT score of 27 and up
    • Math ACT score of 27 and up
    • Interest in working on a research project 
  • Must have a declared STEM major (or STEM academic interest if you are an AS University Studies major).
  • Admitted to APSU
  • STEM Scholars are encouraged to engage in research with faculty to learn critical thinking skills.
  • A STEM faculty member will serve as a mentor and facilitator for the STEM Scholar program. This will be in addition to the student’s professional advisor and faculty advisor specific to their degree program. This faculty mentor will help onboard the students and facilitate all of their activities as they progress toward their degree.
  • Move in early to meet other STEM Scholars, attend workshops on developing independent study habits, social gatherings, and orientation to resources specific to STEM Scholars available on campus.
  • STEM Scholars will enroll in a STEM Scholars UNIV 1000, taught by a STEM faculty member.
  • Be introduced to additional faculty in STEM on a regular basis that will focus on innovative ways to discuss research opportunities available to STEM Scholars and career goals.
  • Participate in annual STEM Scholars trips designed to introduce students to careers and experiences directly applicable to STEM areas and facilitate networking and connections to potential employers and graduate programs after their degree program.
  • STEM Scholars have the opportunity to progress through the program as an upperclassman and serve as a STEM Scholar mentor. 
  • STEM Scholars are encouraged to volunteer at CoSTEM community outreach opportunities.

STEM Scholar Application

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The short answer questions below will be used in the selection process. Please take your time while answering these prompts. We strongly recommend typing your answer in a word processor and pasting the answer into the text box below after editing. Please limit your response to less than 500 words.
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Will you be able to participate in the STEM Scholars orientation program on August 21st, 22nd and 23rd from 8:00 am- 1:00 pm? *
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