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The Innovation Experience

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In the College of STEM, our students receive an excellent education in the classroom, but they also get the hands-on, real-world experiences they need for successful careers. Capstone projects are one way we ensure that our students learn how to address the real-world problems facing our society and our regional industrial partners. The projects also help our students learn the importance of teamwork, research, design, theory, and resilience.

In the College of STEM, we recognize the unique opportunity we have to partner with local industry to provide students with these opportunities, and we have made it a priority to increase these opportunities.

Our regional partners serving on the Industrial Advisory Boards provide valuable insight and feedback for our faculty and related programs. In addition, they often collaborate with our faculty to provide students opportunities to work on real problems they are facing in their industry. Those students gain valuable experience and insight into the industry.

This event is focused on three objectives:

  1. Recognize the Industrial Advisory Boards that volunteer their time and effort. Their feedback is critical for our programs and student success, and they deserve to be recognized for their critical contribution on a larger scale.
  2. Provide an event that allows our industry partners and regional community leaders to better understand our students’ capabilities. Provide industry leaders the opportunity to connect with faculty advisors to learn how they can become a partner willing to work on capstone projects and provide internship opportunities for our students.
  3. Provide students valuable networking opportunities with regional employers and industry.

Abstract Submission

Thank you to all who participated in the 2023 Innovation Experience! Submissions for the 2024 Innovation experience will open up in February 2024.