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Study Abroad Course Registration

Courses that are offered for the study-abroad programs will be made available in the program specific information. If you do not see a course that you are interested in taking listed in the program information, you should speak directly with the faculty program coordinator to determine if this course will be offered. If you are uncertain about which coursework you should take from the options available, you should speak with your academic advisor, Study Abroad coordinator or the Study Abroad and International Exchange Office to discuss the best fit for your degree program.

Some programs require special permits to register for coursework. It is advisable to list the coursework you intend to take on your study abroad application and to speak with the faculty program coordinator to discuss the registration process before trying to register through Self-Service on OneStop. Once you have spoken with the faculty coordinator of the program, log in to APSU OneStop to register for the coursework, validate and confirm your registration.

You must be registered for APSU coursework to participate in any APSU study abroad program. Students that are not registered and confirmed at the time of departure for the program will not be allowed to participate in the program and will be responsible for any additional expenses resulting from their removal from the program.

Course Equivalency Form

If you are taking a non-APSU taught course, you will need to complete a course equivalency form with the Study Abroad Coordinator at APSU. This also applies to ALL participants in an APSU outbound exchange programs. 


Exchange Student Course Confirmation Form

After registration is finalized, please complete the Exchange Student Course Confirmation Form and have your host institution's Study Abroad Coordinator sign and upload to your study abroad application. You will find the form in your study abroad application as one of the materials or on the link below. 

Exchange Student Course Confirmation Form