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Parent and Family Resources

First of all, congratulations for supporting your student(s) with their decision on studying abroad. You are welcome to browse this website and learn about what study abroad is, the benefits linked to this high impact practice, the application process, and financial resources. If you have any questions, you can contact our office. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Whether a student goes abroad for one week or a whole academic year, participating in a study abroad program might be the first opportunity students have to travel abroad. While earning college credits, students will be completely responsible for their schedules, finances, transportation, etc. while immersing themselves in different cultures and languages. Students return to campus with a renewed sense of  responsibility and more confident than when they first started college. Additionally, candidates in the job market with study abroad experience will stand out from the competition because employers in the 21st century are looking for people with global experience. So yes! It is a good thing your student(s) decided to study abroad. 

However, we also understand that parents will have questions and concerns. Throughout  the process, we will provide your student(s) with in depth information related to study abroad and scholarship options, payment deadlines, courses available, etc. Additionally, it is mandatory that students attend a Study Abroad Pre-departure Orientation, which is scheduled on study day every semester. Parents are welcome to attend this event. During the orientation we will cover many topics that include but are not limited to:

Below you will find the Parent's Survival Guide to Study Abroad. If you still have questions and concerns after reading these resources, you are welcome to contact our office. 


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