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Welcome to the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange

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  • Dillon Nall

    Dillon Nall

  • Elissa Burgoyne

    Elissa Burgoyne

  • Kaitlyn Baker

    Kaitlyn Baker

  • Riley-Marie Perkins

    Riley-Marie Perkins

  • Alexandria Whitaker

    Alexandria Whitaker

  • Matthew Gordon

    Matthew Gordon

  • Sarah Fitzgerald

    Sarah Fitzgerald

  • Jeff Woodward

    Jeff Woodward

  • Ana-Carlin Krueger

    Ana-Carlin Krueger

  • Hailey Perry

    Hailey Perry

  • Mutiu Samiyu

    Mutiu Samiyu

  • Cord Beck

    Cord Beck

  • Emerson Conner

    Emerson Conner

  • Cheyanne Groves

    Cheyanne Groves

  • Nicholas Herrud

    Nicholas Herrud

  • Mykalah Dailey

    Mykalah Dailey

  • Brianna Hogan

    Brianna Hogan

  • Tunmise Opeoluwa

    Tunmise Opeoluwa

  • Rochelle Poe

    Rochelle Poe

  • Jaclyn Hinderliter

    Jaclyn Hinderliter

  • Mona Homaad

    Mona Homaad

  • Megan Cundiff

    Megan Cundiff

  • Amy Hotchkin

    Amy Hotchkin

  • Ashlynn Almon

    Ashlynn Almon

  • Yusuf Onayemi

    Yusuf Onayemi

  • Grace Gerlach-Brown

    Grace Gerlach-Brown

  • Lauren Crews

    Lauren Crews

  • Asia Pace

    Asia Pace

  • Giulia Terry

    Giulia Terry

  • William Woodard

    William Woodard

  • Julianna Allen

    Julianna Allen

  • Dylan Offi

    Dylan Offi

  • Kaitlyn Baker

    Kaitlyn Baker

  • Madison McMahan

    Madison McMahan

  • Soseul Park

    Soseul Park

  • Bolanle Matti

    Bolanle Matti

  • Melia Hema

    Melia Hema

  • Callasandra Benke

    Callasandra Benke

  • Christopher Johnson

    Christopher Johnson

  • Oluwafemi Omoyeni

    Oluwafemi Omoyeni

  • Chaz Authement

    Chaz Authement

  • Izuwa Ahanor

    Izuwa Ahanor

  • Kirsten Meaker

    Kirsten Meaker

  • Matthew Chandler

    Matthew Chandler

  • Lydia Deason

    Lydia Deason

  • Giulia Terry

    Giulia Terry

  • Amberlyn Bacchuss

    Amberlyn Bacchuss

  • Abiodun Abidemi

    Abiodun Abidemi

  • Amarachi Mbakwe

    Amarachi Mbakwe

  • Jaclyn Hinderliter

    Jaclyn Hinderliter

  • Kaitlin Hutson

    Kaitlin Hutson

  • Payton Hadley

    Payton Hadley

  • Chaz Authement

    Chaz Authement


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 Madrid, Spain
Whether you're seeking an international adventure in a foreign country or international programs on the APSU campus, we in the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange are here to help you. On campus and abroad, our programs will allow you to gain knowledge of the world, experience with intercultural education, and the skill set you will need to succeed in an international society.

Our Mission 

The Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange (OSAIE) facilitates outbound APSU student study abroad participation and incoming exchange student enrollment, integration and cultural enrichment. The mission of Austin Peay State University's OSAIE is to develop, support, and engage all students in diverse global opportunities.

Study Abroad Students

Bellize 2016Studying abroad isn’t just taking a trip, it will be one of the highlights of your university career. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore the world and gain resume-building experience while earning college credits. You will have amazing and challenging experiences that will allow you to acquire knowledge of the world and to grow both academically and personally. These experiences will prepare you to compete in today's globalizing world.
  It’s an opportunity you cannot afford to miss! More>>


Exchange Students and Scholars

Exchange students

We are very excited that you are interested in studying at Austin Peay State University for a semester or academic year. First, you will need to be nominated by your home institution and complete the APSU exchange student admission process. Once you have been admitted to APSU, we will make sure that you receive all the support you need and that you have an amazing exchange experience at APSU! More>>


 Parents and Family

Japan SummerFirst of all, congratulations for supporting your student(s) and encouraging them to enhance their college experience by participating in a study abroad program. We would like to invite you to read the information on our website, review our resources, and talk to your student(s) about this life-changing experience. If you still have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our office. We will be more than happy to answer your questions! More>>


Faculty and Advisors

FacultyFaculty and advisors serve an important role in the study abroad experience. Their support is also vital to assist international exchange students and help them adjust to our campus, a new college education system, and American culture. There are different ways faculty can be involved; for example, by leading a short-term study abroad program, coordinating an exchange program, participating in the Global Gov Meet-a-Family program, hosting an international scholar or just by talking to students about the benefits of gaining study abroad experience! More>>