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Terra Dotta User Assistance

Terra Dotta is the platform that the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange utilizes for our Applications and some scholarship opportunities!

If you plan to study abroad while studying at APSU, you will be using Terra Dotta!


Click this link for Terra Dotta, find your program and click "Get Started!" For more help with the application, visit our application process page!

Not quite! You still need to be physically advised by our office. You can request a session here!

Notify the Office of Study Abroad that you need your application switched to the Pending Program application. Complete the Academic Advisor Form that you received in your advising.

Like you were told in your advising session, your student account is billed on the day that is listed on your cost breakdown.

Yes! You must complete an application with our office no matter which program you are going on.

No. The system is integrated with OneStop, so you need to log in with your OneStop log in info.

Our application is in three parts: Advising, Pre-Decision, Post-Decision. Do not create a new advising application, simply log in to Terra Dotta and access your current application.

If you only click save, that does not submit your questionnaire. You must click submit when you are finished

 Academic Advisor Form

You should have received one at your meeting with the Education Abroad Coordinator. If you have not received it, please contact our office at internationaled@apsu.edu to schedule an advising session or receive a digital copy.

This form is necessary for our study abroad participants. We want them to discuss their course options with you and make sure that their experience is helping them on their way to earn their degree!

You're pre-decision application will not be complete until you turn in your Academic Advisor Approval Form to our office. Once you have done this, your pre-decision will be complete.

Make sure you actually turn it in to our office (either physically or digitally via email). Allow 1-2 business days for processing. If your checkmark still does not appear, contact our office at internationaled@apsu.edu 

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