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Sustainable Campus Fee Committee

Membership: 3 faculty members, 3 staff members, 3 on-campus resident students, 1 representative from Student Affairs, the Manager of Dining Services (ex officio), and the Sustainability Coordinator.

Terms of Service: Members will serve a three-year term. The Sustainability Coordinator will be the permanent chair.

Description: The committee has responsibility for making recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs relative to the development of on-campus sustainability initiatives. The committee shall meet at least once each semester to recommend projects and funds distribution to the Vice President for Student Affairs. In addition, the committee shall prepare a status report for publication at the end of each fiscal year for all program activities. Members should demonstrate reasonable knowledge about clean, renewable energy practices, as well as familiarity with efficiency and conservation principles. Initiative recommendations should focus primarily on direct demonstrable campus sustainability benefits, energy efficiency and utility conservation, alternative fuels, and sustainable design.

(Approver: Vice President for Student Affairs)

2024-2025 Membership

Name Title Department/Area Service Term
Jamie Bowen Faculty, CoAL Communication 2022-2025
Emmabeth Parrish Vaughn Faculty, CoSTEM Physics, Engineering, and Astronomy 2023-2026
David Steele Faculty, CoBHS - Sociology and Community Development 2023-2026
Megan Simpson Director of Communication
College of Education 2022-2025
Mary Catherine Denmark Academic Advisor
College of Business 2023-2026
Wes Powell Director, Landscaping and Grounds
Physical Plant 2023-2026
Eli Worsham Student Student Affairs 2024-2025
Marshall Singleton Student Student Affairs 2024-2025
Zachary Doyle Student Student Affairs 2024-2025
Jonathan Gladney Area Coordinator Housing Specialist
(Student Affairs)
Housing/Residence Life and Dining Services 2024-2027
Paul Mixa Director Sodexo Dining Services Permanent
ex officio
Kayla Miller-Zapata, Chair Sustainability Coordinator Savety Environmental Compliance Permanent