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Travel to the U.S.

Visa regulations state that you cannot enter the United States earlier than 30 days prior to the program start date listed on your I-20 form. Additional details are found at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) site.

F-1 students should plan to arrive in Clarksville 7-10 days before classes begin. This allows time to become acquainted with the area, adjust to the time change, take care of any last minute details, and attend any required events. (See Current Dates)

Those living in on-campus housing should plan to arrive on the day of early check-in or plan to stay in hotel at their own cost until able to check in. (Please contact the ESL Institute for the early check-in date before making travel plans.) 

University Public Safety (Campus Police), 24-hour dispatch









Health Services



Office of International Student Services



Next Steps:

1. Make travel arrangements from your home to Nashville International Airport (BNA), the closest airport to Clarksville, Tennessee.

2. Make travel arrangements from Nashville International Airport in Nashville, Tennessee to Clarksville. The average travel time from the airport to APSU is 60 minutes. Some options include:

a. Shuttle to hotel or campus: approximate cost $35-$100 (see list below and check company website for detailed cost based on arrival time and end/drop-off place)

b. Groome Transportation Services (starting at $35): https://groometransportation.com/clarksville/ 

b. Ride sharing/community drivers such as Uber (www.uber.com) or Lyft (www.lyft.com)  

c. Taxi: approximate cost $140—see link below

d. Friend, relative, or other arrangements

Shuttle and taxi company listings:  www.flynashville.com/ground-transportation/Pages/default.aspx

3. Complete Travel and Arrival Form and send to the ELI with your travel itinerary. If you experience a delay at Customs and Immigration, this information will help us to support you through the entry process.


Before you leave your country, be sure you have:

Hand carry all of your important documents - including your passport, I-20, visa, financial resources, and contact information for the EL Institute at APSU and, if applicable, for your U.S. sponsor or guardianThese must be readily available for immigration officials.

 Additional details are found at the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) website.


Arrival in the U.S.

When you arrive at your and pass through Customs and Border Protection (CBP), you may receive a stamp in your passport. Check that your information is correct: date of admission, class of admission (F-1) and admitted until date (D/S). If it is not correct, notify the EL Institute as soon as you arrive on campus.

Your electronic arrival/departure record (I-94) is online at I-94 record.

It is very important that you have contact information for the ELI at APSU. (After business hours, contact APSU Public Safety/Campus Police.)


Contact the EL Institute

We want to know you have arrived safely! Please call or email the ELI when you arrive. 


For more information, visit Study in the States


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