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Health Requirements

COVID-19 Requirements

Vaccinated students need to provide a negative test after they arrive in Clarksville (the one taken to get on the plane will not count)

Unvaccinated students need to quarantine for 7 days. 

You can find a testing site in Tennessee here: https://www.tn.gov/health/cedep/ncov/remote-assessment-sites.html


Immunization Requirements

It is a State of Tennessee requirement that all international students attending the university provide:

Click here for further information and a certificate of immunization form.

First time students must also complete a Health History form concerning meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B. 

All of these documents are required at the time of registration. It is strongly encouraged that the student submit these documents with the initial application if possible. Failure to submit this documentation may result in termination of student status.

Insurance Requirement

To enroll in the university international student insurance policy, use this website:  International Student Insurance-APSU.

Proof of Insurance: You will need to provide your health insurance policy showing: your name, term of enrollment, confirmation of payment, dates, and coverage benefits.

For details on the university plan, check International Student Insurance-APSU.

APSU Boyd Health Services

English Language Institute students who pay the Program Services Fee may utilize APSU’s Health Services facilities.

  • A $75 deposit will be collected at registration and held to offset charges at the Health Services office; any unused portion of the deposit will be returned to the student when they complete the English Language program.
  • Students who have not paid the PSF will not have access to university health services; however, there are numerous clinics and health facilities in the Clarksville area from which to obtain needed services.

Frequently Asked Questions about Insurance

In the United States, health care is extremely expensive. International students are often surprised by how high doctor's bills can be. F-1 visa students must pay for their own health care costs; no discounts are offered.

The State of Tennessee and Austin Peay State University REQUIRE F- and J- visa students to have "adequate medical and hospitalization insurance on themselves and any dependents who are also in the U.S. as a condition of admission before each semester of registration." 

Proof of school insurance is required BEFORE enrollment. This means that you must bring proof of adequate insurance to your registration appointment or be prepared to enroll in and pay for University Insurance.

This insurance must be maintained throughout enrollment. 

The insurance is in place to provide partial coverage for most injuries or illnesses. It is not a full-coverage healthcare plan.

Partial coverage generally includes:

  • both inpatient and outpatient coverage for emergency health care, including ambulance, emergency room visits, lab tests, and X-ray coverage, within limits described by the policy.
  • both mental AND physical health coverage, for illness and injury beginning during the insurance coverage, within limits described by the policy.
  • both medical evacuation AND repatriation coverage.
  • while not an illness, pregnancy that begins while the student is insured is covered under the details and limits described by the policy.

Remember that this is emergency illness/accident coverage, and it does NOT cover eyeglasses, checkups, immunizations or regular dentistry.

YES, your insurance may be cheaper, and it may cover some things that the school insurance does not; HOWEVER:

  • International student insurance must have a provision that pays for your plane ticket home if you drop out of school due to illness or injury, or if you die. This kind of coverage is called “medical evacuation & repatriation”, and is REQUIRED if you will be a student at Austin Peay State University. This is not a common benefit of other kinds of health insurance.
  • International student insurance must cover from the first day of classes until the last day of exams; and the entire semester of coverage must be proven before registration. Outside insurance usually does not have terms that match the school calendar.

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