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Student Publications:

About the Department

Student Publications is home to The All State student newspaper and other University publications. 

The department is a part of the Division of Student Affairs. The Coordinator of Student Publications and Communications oversees the department, serves as an adviser to the student newspaper staff, and creates/designs in consultation with other division departments on their communication pieces.

The student newspaper staff is composed of students of varying backgrounds, majors, interests and specialties. We engage students who are interested in writing, journalism, graphic design, photography, advertising and marketing, business, leadership and interested in being involved in a unique way on APSU's campus. Scholarships of varying amounts are available for enrolled students selected for staff positions on the paper. The Managing Editor interviews and hires the student newspaper staff. The student newspaper is an editorially independent newspaper protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and upheld by case law. The student newspaper is a source for campus news that impacts the campus community and informs the readers. The All State existed in print until 2022 and is now available online at theallstate.org.

The department also provides training, equipment, facilities and software student staff members need to produce content for their online newspaper  and develop skills during their collegiate careers.

Interested in joining the staff? Click one of the links below to apply! 

 The All State Staff Application                           Staff Photographer Application


The mission of the department of Student Publications is to provide co-curricular experiences and practical application of learning in an environment where opportunities for collaboration, communication, engagement, skill development and leadership are provided in an inclusive setting for its student staff members. The department will provide publications and communications for the campus community that support the mission of the institution and the division by providing information and resources for students, families, faculty and staff to be informed and engaged.

The current coordinator of Student Publications and Communications and adviser to The All State is Michael Dann.