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Academic Advising

Each semester you will meet with your academic advisor, either face-to-face or virtually, to discuss your program of study, courses for the upcoming semester, progress toward degree completion, and answer questions you may have about your academic and professional endeavors. Your academic advisor has to "clear" you to register each semester, which happens at the time of your advising appointment.

Though all students must complete the 34 required credit hours for the degree, when you complete those credits will depend on factors including your milestone track (i.e., thesis or comprehensive exam) and if you are taking classes full-time or part-time. Click the link at the bottom of this page to download a sample degree plan for students enrolled full-time. Below are additional considerations to facilitate your semester planning and academic advising appointments.

When reviewing the sample plan below, keep in mind that courses listed in Fall terms are generally only offered in Fall terms, and the same for Spring term classes. Our core classes are only offered in Fall and Spring, but we typically offer 1-2 elective courses over summer semesters. You must work with your advisor to determine the best plan to meet your individual and program goals. 

Students who wish to change their milestone path or do not meet the thesis path eligibility criteria are advised to speak with their advisor/committee chair for further guidance.

Sample Two Year Degree Plan