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Chanda Murphy

Chanda Murphy

Adjunct Faculty

Psychological Science and Counseling


I worked as a corporate trainer and instructional designer at Sedgwick CMS for five years before earning my PhD in Experimental Psychology with a concentration in I/O Psychology from the University of Memphis in 2017. Before joining the MSIO program at APSU, I taught undergraduates in psychology for 9 years at Christian Brothers University where I established a bachelors degree in I/O Psychology. I also provide consulting in the areas of hiring, group dynamics, leadership, work life balance, as well as social emotional learning for both children and adults. My applied work also includes running the website mindfulinmemphis.org to educate and bring the Memphis community together through mindfulness events. My research interests surround the topic of mindfulness interventions with differing populations and constructs of work life balance such as stress and burnout.

I am accepting students to work with me on research projects and am willing to serve on thesis committees.

Current Projects 

  • Murphy, C., Stargel, L., Simkin, J., Henry, A., Reid, M. (under review). Moshi Kids: An easy to implement, mindfulness-based SEL program for early childhood education. Submitted to the Education and Innovation Research Grant competition through the Department of Education.
  • Earnest, D., Harris, K., Murphy, C. (in preparation). Predicting aviation performance in an academic Rotor-Wing program. Submitted to the Federal Aviation Administration Aviation Research Grant.


  • Murphy, C. S., & Pavlik Jr, P. I. (2018). Effects of Spacing and Testing on Inductive Learning. Journal of Articles in Support of the Null Hypothesis15(1), 23-40.
  • Burlison, J. D., Murphy, C. S., & Dwyer, W. O. (2009) Evaluation of the motivated strategies for learning questionnaire for predicting academic performance in college students of varying scholastic aptitude. College Student Journal, 43, 1313-1323.
  • Vogl, R. J., Simkin, C., & Nicks, S. D. (2005). Decision making and group dynamics in the virtual office. In W. Walker & D. Herrmann (Eds.), Cognitive technology: Transforming thought and society. Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, Inc. Publishers.
  • Buss, A., Dziuba, L., Moore, S., & Simkin, C. (2002). Attitudes toward and use of the internet in relation to loneliness. Explorations in Psychology: A Journal of the Mid-South Psychology Conference, 5, 1-6.

Owner and Director of Mindful in Memphis
A 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides mindfulness based workshops, retreats, and courses to increase awareness and education on the importance of taking care of self.

Advisor on the Lausanne Collegiate School Social Emotional Learning Advisory Board