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Honors Student Success Stories

Welcome to our Success Stories page, where we celebrate the remarkable achievements of our honored students. From Student Trustees and Directors to influential interns in Washington DC, visionary CFOs, Commissioners, and Student Representatives on the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, our graduates have soared to incredible heights. Their journeys have taken them around the world, studying abroad, unveiling new mathematical frontiers, publishing groundbreaking research, and collaborating with international organizations and nonprofits, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. Join us in applauding their diverse accomplishments, as they inspire the next generation to pursue excellence and make a difference in every corner of the world.


Rebekah en pointe
Rebekah White

"The Commons taught me the power of showing up and giving it your best."

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Madeline Etherton Headshot

Madeline Etherton

"No matter what, each person has a purpose"

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