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Honors and PELP Student Advisory Council (HPC)

Honors and PELP Student Advisory Council logo

The Honors & PELP Student Advisory Council (HPC) is a student-led organization that serves as both a planning body and as an advisory body for the Honors Program and PELP. We plan a variety of events and initiatives to enrich the Honors Commons community. We also serve as an advisory board for our advisors, the Director and administrative assistant of these programs. We brainstorm ways to increase engagement, improve the Honors Commons, and are one point of contact for Honors and PELP students.

HPC is comprised of 9 students of all classifications and both programs, who each serve on various committees. These positions are appointed at the end of the spring semester. If you’re interested in seeing the behind-the-scenes or want to talk to the Council about a specific idea, we encourage you to attend! We hold weekly meetings, so even if you are not on HPC, you can attend. We meet Fridays from 2:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. in MH 100D.


Executive Board:

Allison Harris HPC Chair
Allison Harris

- Chair -

Kolby Wright HPC Vice Chair
Kolby Wright

- Vice Chair -

Piper Lyons HPC Secretary
Piper Lyons

- Secretary -


Adam Griffith HPC
Adam Griffith

Head of Intramurals

Jared Mays HPC
Jared Mays

Head of Athletic Events

Mo Stephens HPC
Mo Stephens

Head of the Newsletter

Issabella Doyle
Bella Doyle

Head of Social Media

Tyler Rose HPC
Tyler Rose

Head of Community Service

William Keener HPC
William Keener

Head of REAL Acts of Service