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Honors Courses

At APSU, we believe in fostering a community of exceptional learners who are eager to embrace intellectual challenges and delve deeper into their academic pursuits. Our Honors Courses offer a unique opportunity for motivated and dedicated students to engage in enriched learning experiences that go beyond the traditional classroom environment. These courses are designed to encourage lively discussions, collaborative projects, and independent research, enabling you to dive deep into subjects you're passionate about while honing your ability to think critically and solve complex problems.

As you explore our Honors Courses page, you'll discover a wide range of offerings that cover everything from literature and history to science and the arts. Each course is designed to challenge your intellect, spark your curiosity, and broaden your horizons. Our exceptional faculty, who are renowned experts in their fields, are committed to nurturing your academic growth and helping you reach your full potential.

Required Courses:

HON 1000 - Introduction to University Life  

1 Credit Hour

An introduction to university life in its many facets, including but not confined to, critical reading skills, deep familiarity with library resources, a broad familiarity with the various departments (academic and administrative) of the university, expectations and responsibilities of university life, the history of Austin Peay State University. This course is a substitution for UNIV 1000. 

*This course is required of all incoming freshmen

HON 1045 - Honors Seminar 

3 Credit Hours

An interdisciplinary examination of an idea, designed to provide students with a broad look at an issue.  Examples include The History of Basketball, The Odysseus Theme in Western Literature and Art, Is the Education System Broken?,  or The Science of Zombies This course is a substitution for ENGL 1020. 

*This course is required of all incoming freshmen

HON 2220 - Cultural Conversations

3 Credit Hours

Exploration of the idea and reality of the other in various cultures and modes of discourse.  Examples include addressing differences through science fiction, or confronting racism through media reports and/or film, music, and art.  Students will consider diversity issues and respond to them rationally rather than emotionally. This course is a substitution for ENGL 2330.

*This course is required for second semester freshman

Optional Courses:

HON 2110 - Critical Thinking

3 Credit Hours 

This course presents the fundamentals of argumentation and the principles of critical thinking such as understanding how to frame questions, discuss various branches of philosophical inquiry, exploration of logical fallacies, deductive and inductive arguments, and the application of such arguments in a paper. 

HON 2510 - The World of Work

3 Credit Hours 

This course explores the history, contemporary meanings and transformations of work and employment through an interdisciplinary social science lens.  Relying on ethnographic accounts of work, students will examine working conditions and jobs in the United Stated and beyond, with a critical focus on how globalization shapes labor markets. Major course themes include cultural meanings of work, theories of work and employment and how social attributes like race, class and gender shape our experience of work and opportunity.  Comprehension of current trends, pathways to employment and the organization of work empowers students to better navigate jobs markets and the role of work in their own lives.

HON 2520 - Community Communication and Servant leadership

3 Credit Hours 

An Honors Service Learning Course meant to enhance public speaking skills while exploring leadership internships interests for community service. Students will apply public speaking principles and techniques with emphasis on informative and persuasive speeches. The class combines the speech communication process with use of outlining, research, visual aids, and audience analysis. 

HON 300A - Interdisciplinary Studies II

Variable 1-4 Credit Hours 

Continuation of interdisciplinary study at an intermediate level. Topics will vary, and may include topics such as The Invisible String of Romanticism or Hebrew in the Historic Era.  The number of credit hours will be determined by the instructor but will be no less than one and no more than four.

HON 4400 - Interdisciplinary Studies III

Variable 1-4 Credit Hours 

Continuation of applying the principles of interdisciplinary study to a broad range of topics at an advanced level. Topics will vary, and may include topics such as The History of Travel or Biblical Archeology.  The number of credit hours will be determined by the instructor but will be no less than one and no more than four.

HON 4050 - Honors Thesis

3 Credit Hours 

This course is for seniors in the Honors Program.  Honors students must complete a thesis, a project, or an artistic presentation as the final element in graduating with the Distinguished Honors Scholar Award (other levels of Honors Program completion are allowed, but are not required to complete a thesis).  The thesis, project, or presentation will be made available to the public for a defense where appropriate.

HON 4510 - Honors Internship

Variable 1-12 Credit Hours 

Students will complete an internship either on or off campus.

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