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Honors 1045 Course Proposal Form

Thank you for your interest in teaching Honors 1045!  Please use this form to submit your Honors 1045 course proposal. Below are the SLO's for Honors 1045 to keep in mind as you fill out this form. 



Please enter your first and last name.
Please enter your department affiliation.
Please enter the name of your Chair or Supervisor.
Please provide the academic year for which the course is being proposed. HON 1045 is normally offered fall
Please provide the subtitle of your course.
Please provide a 150 word paragraph describing your course.
Please provide a 50-100 word paragraph to describe the interdisciplinary nature of your course.
Please provide any goals you imagine for the students who take your course.
Please enter your initials to agree to the following statement: By clicking submit I am verifying that I have or will shortly discuss this opportunity with my department chair or supervisor.