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Honors Formal Involvement

In Honors, we firmly believe that an engaged and tight-knit community is fundamental to fostering academic growth, critical thinking, and personal development among our exceptional students. This page is dedicated to inspiring and encouraging active participation within our Honors Common—a vibrant community of scholars dedicated to advancing their academic pursuits and enriching their university experience through collaboration, involvement, and shared passions.

Our Honors Common is more than just a collection of exceptional students; it's a dynamic space where intellects converge, ideas flourish, and lifelong friendships are formed. We invite you to explore the various opportunities and avenues for involvement that we offer, each designed to create a sense of belonging and nurture a culture of shared academic enthusiasm.

Whether you're a prospective student, a current member of APSU Honors, or a curious observer, we invite you to delve into the numerous ways you can actively participate, contribute, and thrive within our community. From collaborative research projects to engaging seminars and events, our commitment to fostering a culture of involvement extends to all aspects of your academic journey.

Come join us on this exciting venture, as we work together to shape the future of our Honors Program and empower each student to realize their fullest potential. Your involvement is not just encouraged; it is celebrated and valued within the APSU Honors family!