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General Education Standing Committee

Membership: All members of the committee will be appointed by the provost in consultation with the Provost’s Council and faculty senate president. Members will serve three-year terms and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Membership includes 2 faculty from the college of arts and letters, 2 faculty from the college of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, ensuring that one faculty member will be from the math department; 2 faculty from the college of behavioral and health sciences; 1 faculty from college of business; 1 faculty from college of education; 1 faculty from the library, and 1 faculty from Faculty Senate. Among the members, at least one will be a faculty member assigned to APC@FC. Membership also includes faculty coordinators for each general education competency, which are appointed by the provost in consultation with deans and department chairs.  The committee is led by 2 co-chairs drawn from faculty members on the committee and recommended by the Provost. 1 dean from one of the academic colleges will serve as ex-officio. The committee also includes 2 non-voting committee advisors-Senior Vice Provost/Associate VP Academic Affairs and Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment, as well as 1 non-voting representative from each of the following areas, appointed by the provost: student success, curriculum, institutional research, and student government.

Description: The general education committee reviews and votes on all changes and additions to university general education courses and general education policies.  Decisions of the General Education Committee on courses and policies require additional review and vote of the University Curriculum Committee and other bodies, as required by university policies and procedures.  

The General Education committee is also responsible for overseeing the assessment of university-level general education competencies, including communication with faculty teaching general education courses; review and approval of assessment plans for general education courses; meta-analysis of data on student learning for each competency; and review, approval, and communication of action plans based on general education assessment results. An annual report will be provided to the provost regarding progress in assessing and improving student  learning related to the university-level general education competencies. The chair of this committee is responsible for preparing documents and/or presentations for the pre-semester calendar.  This committee may convene during August.

(Approver: Provost/SVPAA)

2021-2022 Membership:

Name Area Department Service Term*
Audrey Bullock, co-chair Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics and Statistics 2021-2024
Kristen Sienkiewicz, co-chair Faculty, CoAL Music 2019-2022
Kakali Chakrabarti Faculty, CoAL Oral discipline - Communication 2020-2023
Dzavid Dzaanic Faculty, CoAL History and Philosophy 2018-2024
Christina Chester-Fangman Faculty, Library Research and Instruction 2020-2023
Vikkie McCarthy Faculty, CoB Management & Marketing 2021-2024
Marissa Sikes Faculty, CoAL Written Communication 2021-2024
Tucker Brown Faculty, CoBHS Dean of the College of Behavioral & Health Science ex officio
Gilbert Pitts Faculty, CoSTEM Biology 2020-2023
James Prescott Faculty, CoBHS/FC Criminal Justice 2019-2022
Anthony Sanders Faculty, CoE Education Specialties 2019-2022
David Steele Faculty, CoBHS Sociology 2019-2022
Amanda Wornhoff Committee Advisor Director, Institutional Effectiveness and Assessment  Non-voting ex officio
Lynne Crosby Committee Advisor Vice Provost and Associate VP for Academic Affairs Non- voting ex officio
Loretta Griffey Professional Advisor Associate VP for Student Success Strategic Initiatives Non- voting ex officio

*Appointment is September through August 

If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the General Education Standing Committee, please contact:

Audrey Bullock, Co-chair
Email: bullocka@apsu.edu or
Kristen Sienkiewicz, Co-chair
Email: sienkiewiczk@apsu.edu