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Conflict of Interest Committee

Membership: 7 Faculty (with a strong research background), one from each college, one from the Graduate College, one from the Library, 1 Staff, and the University Attorney and Chief Audit Officer serving as non-voting, ex officio members. Faculty members will serve a three-year term and can serve two consecutive terms. When consecutive terms have been served, a three-year break must occur before serving again.

Description: The committee shall evaluate conflict of interest disclosures as well as allegations or concerns raised relating to possible conflicts of interests and shall make determinations regarding what actions may be required to manage, reduce or eliminate conflicts of interests. Recommendations of the committee concerning the rights and responsibilities of all parties will be referred to the President for final determination.

(Approver: President) 

2021-2022 Membership

Name Area Department Service Term
Jenny Harris, Chair Faculty from any College and Library Library 2019-2022
McLean Fahnestock Faculty, CoAL Art and Design 2020-2023
Andrew Hendrickson Faculty, CoBHS HHP 2021-2024
Stephen Truhon Faculty, CoBHS Psychological Science and Counseling 2021-2024
Ellen Smyth Faculty, CoSTEM Mathematics & Statistics 2021-2024
Donna Short Faculty, CoE Teaching and Learning 2021-2024
Pam Gray Faculty, Graduate Communication 2020-2023
Jessica D'Alimonte Staff, Academic Affairs College of Business, Dean's Office 2018-2022
Corey Harkey University Attorney General Counsel ex officio*
Blayne Clements Chief Audit Officer Internal Audit ex officio*

* ex officio is a non-voting member
If you have questions, concerns or would like more information about the Conflict of Interest Committee, please contact:  

Jennifer Harris, Chair
Email:  harrisj@apsu.edu