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Dr. Cheryl Lambert, Coordinator of Center for Rural Education

APSU Center for Rural Education 



The mission of the Center for Rural Education at APSU is to support the needs of rural educators in Tennessee. This mission will be realized through four sustainable priorities: 
1) Outreach
2) Teaching Initiatives
3) River Ribbon Collaborative
4) Research 


The vision for the Center for Rural Education is to enhance the educational experience of children in rural Tennessee. The Center will envision this goal by developing comprehensive systems of support and professional development for educators across the rural school districts in Tennessee, focusing on identifying, preparing, and supporting effective educators in rural school districts. 


The Center for Rural Education Executive Committee routinely explores various grant opportunities and funding options for sustaining their programs. 


The educational clientèle served by the Center for Rural Education include the current and prospective educators (teachers, administrators, specialized instructional service providers) employed by Tennessee rural school districts. The organizations that support these educators across the state, and who have provided commitments to support the establishment of the Center for Rural Education, include the following: 

If you are affiliated with a rural school district interested in having the Center for Rural Education provide professional development for teachers or activities for students, please contact Dr. Cheryl Lambert at (931) 221-6195 or lambertc@apsu.edu to arrange. 

Madison Tricker
K-5 Education

My hope as a Rural Scholar is to increase my knowledge on rural education and develop ways to help improve the educational experience for my students.


Dr. Cheryl Lambert

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