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River Ribbon Collaboratives

Cumberland River, TN

The River Ribbon Collaboratives will determine school district needs for professional development and teacher support toward achieving stronger teacher-effectiveness evaluations; building connections between the university and neighboring school districts; and collaborate with the APSU Department of Teacher Education and Partnerships to support teacher retention and continue dialogue between the College of Education and school district leaders, primarily focusing on the rural counties surrounding APSU which are situated along the Tennessee river, the River Ribbon counties of Tennessee. With over 1,800 schools, 999,000 students, and 67,000 teachers, the potential impact in the state is huge, particularly for rural communities. 

Tennessee map

The River Ribbon Collaboratives will begin by working in partnership with Houston and Humphreys County. Here are some fast facts about these counties.

Houston County
Number of Schools: 5
Total Enrollment: 1,403
Teachers: 209
Economically Disadvantaged: 28.5%
English Language Learners: 0%
Students with Disabilities: 17.2%

Humphreys County
Number of Schools: 7
Total Enrollment: 3,024
Teachers: 209
Economically Disadvantaged: 30.4% 
English Language Learners: 0.4%
Students with Disabilities: 15.8%

**Data was obtained from the Tennessee Department of Education State Report Card System**