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Biochemical Toxicology (CHEM 4360)

We have a Biochemical Toxicology course that I teach on demand when enough students demand it! If you and a few friends are interested in taking this, please come talk with me. We can work out a time that fits all our schedules and I can see if we can put it on the books for an upcoming term.  Historically,  I have offered this class in the fall because it corresponds with the Toxicology Open House at Vanderbilt. This is a fun weekend event that exposes students to graduate level research labs and presentations by Vanderbilt professors who work in the field of toxicology. 

Students who take this course are exceptional scientists who are interested in learning more about the metabolism of toxins. Special attention is paid to ADME concepts and current topics in the field of toxicology. This course is taught like a graduate course; there are open class discussions, seminars, journal readings, and student presentations throughout the semester. Due to the nature of this course, it is open by permit only to biology and chemistry majors with a significant background in the molecular biosciences (genetics, cell biology, molecular biology, biochemistry, etc...).