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About Dr. Meagan Mann

Basic contact info: My office is in C305 of the Sundquist building. My phone number is 931-221-6175. My email is mannm@apsu.edu. If my door is open, feel free to stop in and chat. Look under the Schedule link to the right to find my availability.

I grew up in the Cincinnati area and seriously miss the food. If you're from Cincinnati, I'm sure you can sympathize with me on that. I have two BS degrees, one in biology, and one in chemistry, that I got from Northern Kentucky University in 2003. I went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign for my PhD in chemistry, which I was awarded in 2008. That year I came to THE PEAY to teach chemistry to the masses. 

I enjoy cooking and have an enormous collection of spices so I can make favorite food at home. My mother's people are from Louisiana, so southern cooking, Cajun cooking, and Creole cooking are some of my favorites because it is what I grew up with. I also enjoy cooking Indian food from the different regions of India. On the topic of consumables, I also enjoy tea a great deal, and have dozens of bagged and loose-leaf teas. 

Music is a very important part of my life. Both of my parents are musicians, and I play bass guitar and sing, usually for the AP University Choir. I listen to classical music, classic rock, punk, goth, experimental rock, post-metal,  hard-core, instrumental rock/metal, and metal. My husband, Brandon, is also a musician who plays many instruments and teaches these instruments to children, teens, and young adults who are learning to play. I am a member of Sigma Alpha Iota, an international music fraternity for women.

I am a dog person, and will frequently talk about my three canine companions, Reddog (husky/lab mix), Twinkie (husky/corgi mix), and Onyx (border collie/golden retriever mix). Reddog is enormous, over 100 pounds. He has a habit of bordom chewing, and can reach almost anything he wants in the house. This leads to many Red stories as he slowly destroys everything around me but pays me back in loads of drool and hair. He seems to think that puts us even... Onyx is a very special dog. She is afraid of everything but is as loving as they come. My vet says "yeah, she's a sensitive dog..." I don't know what that means, but it's pretty apt. Twinkie is our newest pup who came to us from a rescue. He has little legs and a big heart.

I am also very interested in race/gender studies and current topics in feminism. I try and make it out to as many FMLA events as time allows, and most years I volunteer/perform in the APSU Vagina Monologues. I periodically offer a course in women's heath that counts towards upper division hours and towards the Women and Gender Studies Minor on campus. 

If you ever want to come talk about chemistry, music, dogs, or food, feel free to come by my office. I'll make us some tea and we can chat. WARNING: I will make you tell me how classes are going whether you are my student or not. I generally refer to my office hours as "heavy metal tea time". If you want some new music or think there is something I should hear that I may like, drop on by!!!

The most important things in my life, other than those above, are living a straight edge lifestyle, my friends and family, my church family, and challenging societal notions about alternative subcultures.