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Dr. Meagan Mann

Meagn Mann in Lab 

Greetings! If you have happened upon this website, you are likely interested in knowing more about one of the following:

                Brief organic chemistry/biochemistry

                Biochemistry I/II

                Biochemical Toxicology

                Scientific Perspectives on Women's Wellness

                Astrobiology (with Dr. Allyn Smith)

                Chemistry for Society and Environment

                Chemistry Seminar 

               Chemical education 

               Endocrine disruptors/toxicology

               Medicinal chemistry/chemical biology

               Chemistry/ACS chemistry

               Pre-medicine/Pre-professional advising

               Biochemistry concentration within the chemistry degree

               Teaching chemistry

               Pre-chemical engineering

               Why APSU?

                Visiting campus

                Why chemistry?

               Important links

Please navigate the menu to the left to find more information about any of these topics! You can find my contact information under the "About Me" section of this website.