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Brief Organic (CHEM 3500/3501) & Brief Biochemistry (CHEM 4300/4301)

The Brief Organic course is taught every fall and the Brief Biochemistry course is taught every spring. 

If you are interested in the "Brief" sequence of courses, you are likely interested in applying to the Medical Laboratory Science program. These two courses fulfill the 2 upper division chemistry requirements for certification in this program and are aimed at meeting the needs of students interested in working in the allied health fields. The Brief Organic course requires a year or General Chemistry (CHEM 1110/1120) and Precalculus (MATH 1730) as prerequistes (with a C or better). The Brief Biochemistry course requires one semester of Organic Chemistry (either the brief class or CHEM 3510). These breif courses are designed to be taken as a pair and are taught as such.  

Other students who may need to take these courses include students working on the Teaching Chemistry degree and students who are interested in applying to PA school. Some veterinary and dental programs permit the Brief Biochemistry course for admission instead of Biochemistry I. It is advisable to check with your advisor and schools to which you are applying for more information about admission requirements.