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Owner Information 

     Owner's Information

Stakeholder Designer Review Checklist

    Stakeholder Designer Review Checklist

Document Dates 2019

      Document Dates 2020-04r

Designer’s Manual Chapters

  1. Chapter 1_Introduction-2018-10
  2. Chapter 2_Designer Agreements and Payments-2018-08
  3. Chapter 3_Design-2018-10
  4. Chapter 4_Project Manual Guide-2018-10
  5. Chapter 5_Procurement-2019-07r
  6. Chapter 6_Construction-2019-07r
  7. Chapter 7_Close out and Record Documents-2018-10

Appendix 1: Administrative Forms

  1. Agendas
  2. Checklists
  3. Forms
 OSA Forms are located at: https://www.tn.gov/osa/general-information/forms---contracts.html


Appendix 2:Standard Bidding and Construction Documents




Appendix 3: Campus Standard Documents

Forms and Guidelines

Campus Design Standards