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Prior Service, Army National Guard, Army Reserve Soldiers

If You Are Already Serving in the USAR or ARNG


If you're already enlisted in the Guard or Reserves, your benefits already include tuition assistance (up to $4500 per year), GI Bill® ($309 per month, if MOS qualified), and drill pay. Joining ROTC adds a few things to that:

If you are (or will be) a freshman and are currently enlisted, you are eligible for SMP at the beginning of your sophomore year. For your first year you can still enroll in ROTC classes, and drill with your unit, but are not formally in the SMP. If you are a sophomore or higher and currently enlisted, you must enroll in the SMP to enroll in ROTC.

Take the next step and apply to Austin Peay if you haven't yet: www.apsu.edu/admissions

If you are already a student, email us for an appointment so we can discuss how to integrate ROTC into your academic curriculum.

If You Are a Prior Service Soldier/Sailor/Marine/Airman

As a prior service Soldier, you have credit to enroll in ROTC your junior year. While participating in SMP is not required, the additional benefits make it an attractive option.

Talk to a local Guard or Reserve recruiter about re-enlisting and discuss SMP, then contact us to see how we can integrate ROTC into your course of study.

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).