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The Program


To commission the future officer leadership of the United States Army.


Army ROTC is an educational program designed to provide the college student an opportunity to earn an army commission as a second lieutenant while completing the university requirements for a bachelor’s degree. The program provides leadership training that will develop the skills and attitudes vital to the professional army officer. Upon successful completion of the program and graduation from the university, ROTC cadets are commissioned as second lieutenants and enter either the active Army, Army Reserve, or Army National Guard component.

The Program

Basic Course

Students entering the basic course register for classes at the same time and in the same manner as they enroll in their other college courses. All four classes (MSL 1010, MSL 1020, MSL 2010, and MSL 2020) are available to any Austin Peay State University student as an elective course without any military obligation. Completion of the basic course, graduation from Cadet Initial Entry Training (Basic Camp) or prior military service qualifies students for entry into the advanced course, which is normally taken during the last two years of college.

Advanced Course

The advanced course is designed to develop and mentor leaders of character who, upon degree completion, will accept a commission in the United States Army. The advanced course requires that applicants have two academic years remaining at either the undergraduate or graduate levels, or a combination of both. Students normally enter the advanced course during the last two years of their degree program (junior year for undergraduates, first year of master’s program for graduate-level students). The advanced course is made up of five military science and leadership classes (MSL 3010, MSL 3020, MSL 3030, MSL 4000, MSL 4010, and MSL 4020) and takes two years to complete. All classes, except Advanced Camp, are offered during spring/fall semesters.  Advanced Camp is a paid five-week summer camp held in Fort Knox, KY.

Army ROTC develops students under the total person concept. Cadets must maintain academic standards while taking on the additional responsibilities of ROTC. Army ROTC Cadets are required to participate in organized physical fitness training. Students enrolled in the advanced course are required to be full-time students, taking at least 12 hours each semester.

Placement and Course Credit Substitution

Placement credit and/or course substitution may be granted by the Professor of Military Science and Leadership on the basis of previous honorable active military service, completion of Basic Camp or completion of Army Basic Training and Advanced Individual Training. A student may request placement credit for a portion or the entire basic course. Military Science and Leadership courses taken at other colleges or universities are transferable as approved by the Professor of Military Science and Leadership.

Requirements for Enrollment and Continuance

The general requirements for enrollment and continuance in the Army ROTC program are as follows:

  1. Basic course students must:
    1. Be a citizen of the United States.
    2. Be physically qualified.
    3. Have freshman or sophomore standing. Students with higher standing require consent of instructor.
  2. Basic course Cadets applying for enrollment in the advanced course who seek a commission must:
    1. Have successfully completed MSL 1010, MSL 1020, MSL 2010, and MSL 2020 or have accomplished one of the following: prior military service; Basic Camp.
    2. Have two years remaining at the university (either undergraduate, graduate, or in pursuit of additional coursework).
    3. Have completed a minimum of 55 hours.
    4. Be under 30 years old at time of graduation and commissioning (waiverable).
    5. Be enrolled as a full-time student at the Austin Peay State University.
    6. Meet military screening and physical requirements.
    7. Maintain a 2.0 G.P.A.
    8. Maintain B average in Military Science and Leadership courses.

Regularly enrolled students who meet the academic prerequisites may take individual courses as electives with the permission of the Professor of Military Science and academic advisor.

Progression Requirements:

  1. Minimum hours/GPA for entrance into basic military studies practicum (MSL 2000) is 30-59.9 hours/2.0 GPA.
  2. Minimum overall GPA for entrance into the advanced course (MSL 3010, MSL 3020, MSL 4000, MSL 4010, and MSL 4020) is 2.0 GPA.
  3. Minimum GPA in Military Science and Leadership courses is 3.0.
  4. Minimum overall GPA for commissioning is 2.0.
  5. Semester counseling sessions with military advisor required for advanced course and scholarship students only.

Requirements for All Military Science and Leadership Commissionees

The following military science and leadership advanced course curriculum must be successfully completed:

MSL 3010; MSL 3020; MSL 4000; MSL 4010; MSL 4020; and MSL 3490 or MSL 3030.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree, there are required and recommended courses in designated fields of study that students must complete prior to commissioning. Students meet these prerequisites by successful completion of required and elective courses taken from the university curriculum in the required areas of concentration.