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Associate of Science in University Studies

Seeking an Associate of Science in University Studies allows you to select an academic interest. Please review the information below to ensure you select the right interest for you! 

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Colleges: College of Arts and Letters | College of Behavioral and Health Sciences | College of Business | College of Education | College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Academic Interest Fields: Accounting | Agriculture | Art | Aviation Science | Biology | Chemistry | Criminal Justice | Communications | Computer Information Systems | Computer Information Technology | Computer Science | Earth and Environmental Sciences | Education | English | Engineering Technology | FinanceHealth and Human Performance | History | Kinesiology | Language | Leadership Science | Management | Marketing | Mathematics | Medical Laboratory Science | Music | National Security Studies | Nursing | Philosophy and Religion | Physics | Political Science | Professional Communication | Professional Studies | Psychological Science | Public Management | Radiologic Science | Social Work | Sociology | Special Education | Theatre and Dance

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College of Arts and Letters

Academic Interest Applicable Major
ART_ANI_VISEFFTS_BFA(ARTD) ART - Animation and Visual Effects Concentration (BFA)
ART_ART_EDUCATION_BA(ARTD) ART - Art Education Concentration (BA)
ART_ART_HISTORY_BA(ARTD) ART - Art History Concentration (BA)
ART_GRAPHIC_DESIGN_BFA(ARTD) ART - Graphic Design Concentration (BFA)
ART_STUDIO_ART_BA(ARTD) ART - Studio Art Concentration (BA)
CMMD_BRDCAST_MEDIA_BA(COMM) CMMD - Broadcast Media Concentration (BA)
CMMD_BRDCAST_MEDIA_BS(COMM) CMMD - Broadcast Media Concentration (BS)
CMMD_JOURNALISM_BA(COMM) CMMD - Journalism Concentration (BA)
CMMD_JOURNALISM_BS(COMM) CMMD - Journalism Concentration (BS)
CMMD_SPORTS_COMM_BA(COMM) CMMD - Sports Communication Concentration (BA)
CMMD_SPORTS_COMM_BS(COMM) CMMD - Sports Communication Concentration (BS)
ENGL_BA(LALI) ENGL - English Major (BA)
ENGL_ENG_EDUCATION_BA(LALI) ENGL - English Education Concentration (BA)
ENGL_ENG_TECH_WRTG_BA(LALI) ENGL - Technical Writing Concentration (BA)
HIST_BA(HIST) HIST - History Major (BA)
HIST_BS(HIST) HIST - History Major (BS)
HIST_EDUC_W/LICENS_BA(HIST) HIST - History Education with Licensure Concentration (BA)
HIST_EDUC_W/LICENS_BS(HIST) HIST - History Education with Licensure Concentration (BS)
LANG_CLAS_CULTURE_BA(LALI) LANG - Classical Cultures Concentration (BA)
LANG_CLAS_LANGUAGE_BA(LALI) LANG - Classical Languages Concentration (BA)
LANG_FRENCH_BA(LALI) LANG - French Concentration (BA)
LANG_GERMAN_BA(LALI) LANG - German Concentration (BA)
LANG_SPANISH_BA(LALI) LANG - Spanish Concentration (BA)
MUS_COMPOSITION_BM(MUS) MUS - Composition Concentration (BM)
MUS_EDUC_CHORAL_K12_BM(MUS) MUS - Music Education (Choral/K-12 General Music) (BM)
MUS_EDUC_INSTRMNTL_K12_BM(MUS) MUS - Music Education (Instrumental/K-12 General Music) (BM)
MUS_GUITAR_PERF_BM(MUS) MUS - Guitar Performance Concentration (BM)
MUS_INSTRUMENTAL_PERF_BM(MUS) MUS - Instrumental Performance Concentration (BM)
MUS_KEYBOARD_PERF_BM(MUS) MUS - Keyboard Performance Concentration (BM)
MUS_LIB_STUDIES_IN_MUS_BA(MUS) MUS - Liberal Studies Concentration (BA)
MUS_MUSIC_THERAPY_BM(MUS) MUS - Music Therapy Concentration (BM)
MUS_VOCAL_PERF_BM(MUS) MUS - Vocal Performance Concentration (BM)
Philosophy & Religion 
PHRE_ETHCS,LAW,POL_TH_BA(HIST) PHRE - Ethics, Law, and Political Theory Concentration (BA)
PHRE_ETHCS,LAW,POL_TH_BS(HIST) PHRE - Ethics, Law, and Political Theory Concentration (BS)
PHRE_PHILOSOPH_STDS_BA(HIST) PHRE - Philosophical Studies Concentration (BA)
PHRE_PHILOSOPH_STDS_BS(HIST) PHRE - Philosophical Studies Concentration (BS)
PHRE_RELIGIOUS_STDS_BA(HIST) PHRE - Religious Studies Concentration (BA)
PHRE_RELIGIOUS_STDS_BS(HIST) PHRE - Religious Studies Concentration (BS)
Professional Communication
PRCM_CORP_COMM_BA(COMM) PRCM - Corporate Communication Concentration (BA)
PRCM_CORP_COMM_BS(COMM) PRCM - Corporate Communication Concentration (BS)
PRCM_INFO_SPECIALIST_BA(COMM) PRCM - Information Specialist Concentration (BA)
PRCM_INFO_SPECIALIST_BS(COMM) PRCM - Information Specialist Concentration (BS)
PRCM_PUBLIC_RELATIONS_BA(COMM) PRCM - Public Relations Concentration (BA)
PRCM_PUBLIC_RELATIONS_Bs(COMM) PRCM - Public Relations Concentration (BS)
Theatre and Dance
THDA_ACTING_BA(THDA) THDA - Acting Concentration (BA)
THDA_ACTING_BFA(THDA) THDA - Acting Concentration (BFA)
THDA_DANCE_BA(THDA) THDA - Dance Concentration (BA)
THDA_DANCE_BFA(THDA) THDA - Dance Concentration (BFA)
THDA_DESIGN_BA(THDA) THDA - Design Concentration (BA)
THDA_DESIGN_BFA(THDA) THDA - Design Concentration (BFA)
THDA_MUSICAL_THEATRE_BFA(THDA) THDA - Musical Theatre Concentration (BFA)

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College of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Academic Interest Applicable Major
Criminal Justice
CRIM_HOMELAND_SEC_BS(CRIM) CRIM - Homeland Security Concentration (BS)
CRIM_W/NONE_BS(CRIM) CRIM - Criminal Justice Major (BS)
Health and Human Performance
HHP_COMM_SCI&DISORDERS_BS(HHP) HHP - Communication Sciences and Disorders Concentration (BS)
HHP_HEALTH_CARE_MGMT_BS(HHP) HHP - Health Care Management Concentration (BS)
HHP_K-12_TEACHING_HHP_BS(HHP) HHP - K-12 Teaching Concentration (BS)
HHP_PUBLIC_HEALTH_BS(HHP) HHP - Public Health Concentration (BS)
HHP_SPRT&WELLNESS_SPEC_BS(HHP) HHP - Sport and Wellness Specialist Concentration (BS)
KINS_EXERCISE_SCI_BS(HHP) KINS - Exercise Science Concentration (BS)
KINS_PRE-PROFESSIONAL_BS(HHP) KINS - Pre-Professional Concentration (BS)
Leadership Science
LDSS_LEADING_OPER_BS(LPOA) LDSS - Leading Operations Concentration (BS)
LDSS_LEADING_PEOPLE_BS(LPOA) LDSS - Leading People Concentration (BS)
National Security Studies
NSST_BS(CRIM) NSST - National Security Studies Major (BS)
NURS_BSN(NURS) NURS- Nursing Major (BSN)
Public Management
PM_BS(PSPM) PM - Public Management Major (BS)
Political Science
POLS_BA(PSPM) POLS - Political Science Major (BA)
POLS_BS(PSPM) POLS - Political Science Major (BS)
Professional Studies
Psychological Science
PSYC_BS(PSYC) PSYC - Psychological Science (BS)
SOC_BS(SOC) SOC - Sociology Major (BS)
Social Work
SW_BSW(SW) SW - Social Work Major (BS)

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College of Business

Academic Interest Applicable Major
ACCT_BBA(AFE) ACCT - Accounting Major (BBA)
FIN_BBA(AFE) FIN - Finance Major (BBA)
FIN_ECONOMICS_BBA(AFE) FIN - Economics Concentration (BBA)
MGT_BBA(MGMK) MGT - Management Major (BBA)
MGT_HOSPMGT_BBA(MGMK) MGT - Hospitality Management Concentration (BBA)
MKT_BBA(MGMK) MKT - Marketing Major (BBA)

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College of Education

Academic Interest Applicable Major
EDCA_6-8_MID_GRD_SCIENC_BS(TL) EDCA- 6-8 Middle Grades (Science) Concentration (BS)
EDCA_6-8_MID_SCH_MATH_BS(TL) EDCA - 6-8 Middle School (Math) Concentration (BS)
EDCA_6-8_MID_SCH_SOC_ST_BS(Tl) EDCA - 6-8 Middle School (Social Studies) Concentration (BS)
EDCA_K-5_LICENSURE_PROG_BS(TL) EDCA - K-5 Licensure Program Concentration (BS)
EDCA_PREK-3_BS(TL) EDCA - PreK-3 Concentration (BS)
Special Education
EDCA_6-12_INTERVEN_BS(TL) EDCA - 6-12 Interventionist Concentration (BS)
EDCA_K-8_INTERVEN_BS(TL) EDCA - K-8 Interventionist Concentration (BS) 
EDCA_K-12_COMPREHEN_BS(TL) EDCA - K-12 Comprehensive Concentration (BS) 

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College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Academic Interest Applicable Major
AGRI_AGRIBUSINESS_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Agri-Business Concentration (BS)
AGRI_AGRICOMM_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Agri-Communication Concentration (BS)
AGRI_AGRISCIENCE_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Agri-Science Concentration (BS)
AGRI_PREVET_MED_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Pre-Veterinary Medicine Concentration (BS)
AGRI_SUSTAIN_DEVLPMNT_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Sustainable Development Concentration (BS)
AGRI_VETERINARY_TECH_BS(AGRI) AGRI - Veterinary Technology Concentration (BS)
Aviation Science
AVIA_SCI_ROTOR-WING_BS(ENGT) AVIA - Rotor-Wing Concentration (BS)
BIOLOGY_BS(BIOL) BIOL - Biology Major (BS)
CHEM_BIOCHEMISTRY_BS(CHEM) CHEM - Biochemistry Concentration (BS)
CHEM_BS(CHEM) CHEM - Chemistry Major (BS)
CHEM_PROF_CHEMISTRY_BS(CHEM) CHEM - Professional Chemistry Concentration (BS)
Computer Information Systems
CMIS_GEN_INFO_SYSTEMS_BS(CSCI) CMIS - General Information Systems Concentration (BS)
CMIS_INFO_ASSUR_&_SEC_BS(CSCI) CMIS - Information Assurance and Security Concentration (BS)
Computer Information Technology
CMIT_NETWORKING_BS(CSCI) CMIT - Networking Concentration (BS)
CMIT_WEB_AND_DATABASE_BS(CSCI) CMIT - Web and Database Concentration (BS)
Computer Science
CSC_GEN_COMPUTER_SCI_BS(CSCI) CSC - General Computer Science Concentration (BS)
CSC_SOFTWARE__ENGR_BS(CSCI) CSC - Software Engineering Concentration (BS)
Earth and Environmental Sciences
GEOL_BS(GSCI) GEOL - Geology Concentration (BS)
GEOS_GEOGRAPHY_BS(GSCI) GEOS - Geography Concentration (BS)
Engineering Technology
ENGT_ELECTRICAL_TECH_BS(ENGT) ENGT - Electrical Engineering Technology Concentration (BS)
ENGT_MANUFACTURING_BS(ENGT) ENGT - Manufacturing Engineering Technology Concentration 
ENGT_MECHANICAL_ENGT_BS(ENGT) ENGT - Mechanical Engineering Technology Concentration (BS)
ENGT_MECHATRONICS_BS(ENGT) ENGT - Mechatronics Engineering Technology Concentration (BS)
MATH_BS(MATH) MATH - Mathematics Major (BS)
MATH_DATA_SCIENCE_BS(MATH) MATH - Data Science Concentration (BS)
MATH_EDUCATION_BS(MATH) MATH - Mathematics Education Concentration (BS)
MATH_STATISTICS_BS(MATH) MATH - Statistics Concentration (BS)
Medical Laboratory Science
BIOMEDICAL_SCI_BSMLS(AHS) BMLS - Biomedical Science Concentration (BS)
MLS_PREPROFESSIONAL_BSMLS(AHS) MLS - Pre-Professional Concentration (BS)
MLT_to_MLS_BSMLS(AHS) MLT - MLT to MLS Concentration (BS)
PHYS_ASTROPHYSICS_BS(PHYS) PHYS - Astrophysics Concentration (BS)
PHYS_BS(PHYS) PHYS - Physics Major (BS)
Radiologic Science
RDSC_NUCLEAR_MED_BSRS_(AHS) RDSC - Nuclear Medicine Concentration (BS)
RDSC_RADIOGRAPHY_BSRS_(AHS) RDSC - Radiography Concentration (BS)
RDSC_RADIOLOGIC_SCI_BSRS(AHS) RDSC- General Radiologic Science Concentration (BS)

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