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Your overview is located at the top of the Worksheet page. The overview contains important information about the degree you are working towards


Degree Progress

This is here to help you visualize the progress you have made towards graduation

Degree ProgressLegend

A complete chart of all the legends can also be found at the bottom of your Worksheet. This is here to explain the various icons you will see while looking at your audit

Understanding the Worksheet

Your Worksheet contains all requirements that you need to complete your degree. There is a high level overview at the top:

Worksheet overview
As you continue to scroll, many requirements will have detailed breakdowns:
General Education BreakdownCommunications breakdown


If applicable, you can see what course requirements were substituted or waived underneath the requirement

What- if

This page generates a scenario in which you have a certain Catalog year, Degree, Level, Major, Minor, Concentration, and Future Classes. After making those selections, the process button will lead you to an analysis page where you can see where you stand regarding graduation if those changes were to be made.