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Degree Works

Degree Works is an online tool designed to ensure you are choosing the right classes for your degree.

Why is Degree Works important?

There are two reasons you need to make sure you are taking the correct courses for your major.

First, not completing your degree on time could end up costing you more tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Second, if you are not taking courses that are in your degree, you could lose or see a reduction in financial aid benefits such as scholarships, grants, VA and other financial benefits. To find out more about financial aid regulations, visit apsu.edu/financialaid 

How do I access Degree Works?

We have created a video that is designed to help you enter and review Degree Works and your degree audit.



Login to your OneStop account and click on the icon.

Here are the steps:

  1. Log in to OneStop
  1. Click on the Degree Works Tile
  2. Once you click on the Degree Works tile above, you will be taken straight to your degree evaluation. .

   onestop login screen

onestop tiles