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Welcome to the Eriksson College of Education Certification Page! The Eriksson College of Education offers 25 initial teaching endorsements and can work with all school districts to help fill high need areas through the job embedded pathway.

We offer two pathways to licensure, the Master of Arts in Teaching route and the Non-Degree Teacher Certification Graduate Certificate route. We also offer pathways for additional endorsements and even a Special Education Provisional Endorsement. We can assist you in many ways to help you teach in Tennessee.

Please feel free to email Feek@apsu.edu or call 931.221.6182. To apply for admission, click here.

To qualify for the Job Embedded Pathway, you must meet the following criterion:


1. Bachelor’s degree

2. 3.00 Cumulative GPA

3. Major in the content area in which you want to teach OR Passing score on the Praxis II Content Exam

4. In all areas an Intent to hire by a partnering school district


Please note: Not all partnering counties hire on this type of license in all area of licensure offered by APSU. Furthermore, APSU cannot partner with you on this type of license if we do not have an initial licensure in a program.

Interested in earning your teacher licensure but not sure you want to pursue a graduate degree? The Teacher Licensing Non-degree Certificate could assist you.


This certificate allows those who have  a bachelor's degree outside of Education to earn a teacher license in one year without pursuing a graduate degree. Candidates in this program are eligible to be hired by a school district as a job-embedded teacher while completing coursework!

Program information

This certificate is designed for students who want to pursue becoming a licensed educator in a Career and Technical Education pathway. Students are able to complete all coursework required by the state while working as a job embedded educator with a partnering school district to help fill teacher shortages.

This program is offered completely online. Courses are offered at both the undergraduate and graduate level for students.

Program Information

Tennessee State Policy on Provisional Special Education Endorsement


Provisional Special Education endorsement. Licensed educators enrolled in an additional endorsement program may add a provisional special education endorsement by submitting a recommendation from an approved educator preparation provider verifying:

1.  Enrollment in a program of study for additional endorsement in the specialty area; and

2.  An assurance that the candidate will be assigned a mentor who is appropriately endorsed in the area where the candidate is seeking additional endorsement.

3.  In order to transition from a provisional endorsement to a full endorsement, educators must submit passing scores on required assessments and successfully complete the program of study within three (3) years of receiving a provisional endorsement. All provisional endorsements will become inactive three (3) years after issuance.

Program Information