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Please access The All-Inclusive Zoom Getting Started Guide to learn the basics of Zoom meetings.  Below are links to Zoom support sections to assist you with particular questions.  For further assistance, contact the Distance Education team by email at online@apsu.edu or by phone at 931-221-6625.

Help Center Links

Zoom provides the links below and serves as a help center to contain all of their resources.  Zoom resources are consistently updated to match tool changes and feature updates.

Zoom Help Center (opens new window)Get help based on the device you are using and access step guides, videos, and FAQ's.

Zoom Live Training Webinars (opens new window)Zoom regularly offers live webinars for many topics, including getting started, open question sessions, and Zoom meetings for education.  You can also watch on-demand recordings.

Zoom Blog (opens new window)Regular articles and updates from Zoom.  You can sign up on their page to receive email notifications.