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Accessing Zoom

How to create and access your APSU licenced Zoom account is contained below. Click in each heading for more information. 

APSU’s Zoom uses SSO. Avoid confusion by not using APSU emails to create external Zoom accounts. To access full Zoom features, log in through apsu.zoom.us (opens new window) or use SSO in the app.


Non-SSO Zoom accounts with APSU emails will see a prompt to update account information. To keep a personal account, change your email to a personal one before logging in through APSU’s Zoom SSO.


Active APSU faculty, staff, or students can create an account to host meetings. Log in at apsu.zoom.us (opens new window) with your SSO credentials to create your account. All users receive the same license, which allows hosting without the basic account’s limitations.


Note: An “Only authenticated users can join” setting may require attendees to have an APSU Zoom account to join certain meetings.

Zoom can be used online at apsu.zoom.us (opens new window) or through the Zoom application on your computer.  APSU issued computers may already have the Zoom app installed.  If not or if you are using a non-APSU computer, you will need to download an install the Zoom app.  You should not need admin access to install Zoom on an APSU computer.  If you do receive a notice for admin approval, contact GOVSTECH at govstech@apsu.edu or 931-221-HELP.

APSU Zoom accounts offer extended meeting times and additional features. Meetings hosted by a free Zoom (personal) account created at https://zoom.us (opens new window) are limited to 40 minutes if there is more than 1 attendee, cannot be recorded to the cloud, and cannot use polls.  APSU Zoom account users receive a license to host meetings, and, therefore, do not encounter these constraints.