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Welcome to our Host Guide on using Zoom features to host meetings at APSU.  Hosting a meeting or class on Zoom can be daunting; however, you can use various tools and settings to improve your experience. The host guide, divided into Basic and Advanced sections, will ensure a smooth video conference experience. 

The Basic section offers guidance on features that improve your and your attendees' experience.  You will find information on FERPA guidance, cloud recording, alternatives, and classroom management and attendance settings.  This section also covers security concerns and how to address them.  These fundamental times will ensure that you have a successful meeting.  

The Advanced section is for those looking for more sophisticated features to improve their meeting experience.  From enhancing your security settings to meeting setups to mimic a live classroom setting, these features will make your meetings stand out.  Learn about using Zoom for polling and quizzes, to increase engagement and collaboration, or to help your students focus.  This section is for users looking to leverage the full capabilities of Zoom for a more effective and secure online learning experience.

woman in front of laptop hosting a web meeting