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This section of the APSU Zoom website will detail key features such as joining multiple meetings simultaneously, live transcriptions services, and customizable virtual backgrounds.  It will include instructions for enabling these features and prerequisites for optimal usage.  Additionally, it provides resources and links for further assistance with these features.

You can now join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously.  Log into your APSU Zoom account at https://apsu.zoom.us (opens new window).  On the left menu, select Settings.  Under the Meeting tab, enable the “Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop” setting.  To use this feature, you must log into the Zoom app.  You cannot use this feature when trying to “join from your browser,” you cannot host more than one Zoom meeting at a time.  This feature helps you attend more than one Zoom session simultaneously.

Zoom can now provide AI-powered live subtitles and transcripts for all meetings!  This is a massive step in making live meetings more accessible to all users.  The meeting host must enable the live transcription feature.  While enabled, participants can view the live subtitles or transcript or hide them if desired.  Live transcription only supports English at this time, and we recommend that you speak clearly for the best results.  Please view the Live Transcription in Zoom Quick Guide, for more information about this feature.

Suppose you’re struggling with low bandwidth (or even with video fatigue). In that case, the new stop incoming video feature allows you to instantly stop the incoming video feeds (opens new window) of others in the meeting, replacing them with participants’ profile pictures. This feature only affects your view, not others, and doesn’t turn off your camera.  If you are a host or co-host looking to stop a participant's video from being viewable by others, please see Host Stop Participants' Video and Focus Mode under Host Advanced.

Zoom virtual backgrounds are a fantastic way to personalize video calls and create a professional appearance. They let you showcase your personality, add fun elements, or hide cluttered backgrounds. Whether you're a host or participant, virtual backgrounds offer versatility.

Watch these videos to get started with Zoom virtual backgrounds.  Important: to access your free account through APSU, which includes full benefits, you must access Zoom at https://apsu.zoom.us (opens new window) and not at zoom.us. Learn more about virtual backgrounds with Zoom (opens new window)

Zoom recommends using virtual backgrounds with a green screen for best results.  You can use virtual backgrounds without a green screen.  However, virtual backgrounds without a green screen will not work for all users based on their computer and camera hardware.  Review the virtual background prerequisites (opens new window) for more information.  Please note that if you get an error “your computer cannot support virtual backgrounds,” your computer hardware cannot.  To use virtual backgrounds, you need to set up a green screen.

Zoom virtual background has some stock options, but you can find or create your own.  The recommended setup is:

  • A background image with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a minimum resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels.
  • Background video (MP4 or MOV file) with a minimum resolution of 480 by 360 pixels (360p) and a maximum resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p).

Zoom curates some virtual backgrounds on their website (opens new window).  Sites recommended by Zoom for backgrounds with royalty-free media include:

You can also create a free Canva account and create your virtual backgrounds.  Learn more about the free Zoom virtual background maker (opens new window).  Be careful as you explore the internet!  Only download from reputable sites and look for free options.


Zoom virtual background comes stocked with some options to try.  You can upload your images as well.  Try one of these APSU-branded virtual backgrounds to feel and share your APSU spirit from anywhere. Visit the link APSU Canto Photo Shelter (opens new window) to download files.