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Examity Access Ending August 2nd, 2024
Access to Examity online proctoring for both instructors and students will end with the Summer 2024 terms on August 2nd, 2024.  Moving forward, Honorlock will remain as the solely supported online proctoring tool by Distance Education.

Learn More About Honorlock

Has your instructor asked you to use Examity online proctoring? Then, you are in the right place! 

Think of online proctoring as the online version of taking an exam in a classroom.  The biggest advantage of online proctoring is you can take the exam at a time you choose within the specified exam window in a private location of your choice.  Prior to online proctoring, students would have to come to campus on a set day/time or find a local proctor in their area!

Not all courses require proctored exams or use the same exam security level.  Refer to your course syllabus, course content in D2L, and/or contact your instructor to determine if you will need to use online proctoring and for which exam security level. 

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