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Medical Laboratory Science On-Ground Program Admission Requirements

APSU has a four-year, campus based program through affiliation with area hospitals. Students must complete an admission packet to apply to the senior year and then, upon acceptance, complete the senior courses listed in the curriculum below. Applicants must have a minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA and an overall minimum GPA of 2.75 in science related courses. Applications to the senior year are made available in October for each class beginning the following May with the Summer term.  Requirements for acceptance include: physical examination, application and essay, coursework completion, official transcripts, references, and interview. The courses which comprise the senior year include both campus-based didactic courses and practical courses at affiliate hospital clinical laboratories.
     Accepted students will complete the program the following May after the end of the Spring term.  Upon successful completion of the four-year program, a BSMLS degree is awarded. A certificate is awarded for completion of the professional program in the senior year.

Program Expenses

Summary of Other Related Expenses Not Including Tuition and Fees (Estimated – Subject to Change)

Total for Program ~$1,100 plus Physical, Immunizations, and Medical Insurance

------------------------Program Start-------------------------------------------------------- ($1000.00)

Uniform Expenses

Close toed tennis shoe ~$40.00 (should own)

Summer and Fall Books, 2 Scrub uniforms, lab coat, patches, and safety glasses ~900 billed to student account

AHA CPR ~45.00

Medical Insurance (varies by student)

Student Membership dues (Student and Professional Orgs) ASCLS, ASCLS-TN is ~$15

-----------------Prior to Clinical Rotations------------------------------------------------ ($97.00)

Background Check - Employment Verification, SanctionsBase, and OIG = $33.50

10-panel Drug Screen = $31.00

MyRecordTracker (Immunization and Health Document Tracking)

Trajecsys Clinical Management System

Physical which includes immunizations and medical screens as needed by student - Insurance

Liability Insurance Group policy is ~15.00 per student

-------------------Prior to Graduation------------------------------------------------------- ($0)

Medical Laboratory Science Pin (required)                            $50.00+ (50.00 dollars already prepaid)

-------------------Post Graduation-----------------------------------------------------------

Board of Certification                                                                                     $240.00

Technical Standards

Suggested Program of Study