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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: I am interested in your MLT to MT program and I have an Associate of Applied Science and not an Associates Degree, can I still apply to this program?

A: Yes you can apply!  Some students that complete Associate of Applied Sciences or Associates degrees still need to complete additional course work before applying and being accepted to the 11 month MLT to MLS/MT program.


Q2: How do I know if my credits will transfer or if I need additional courses?

A: Austin Peay State University accepts credits from regionally accredited universities only.  The best way to know how classes will transfer is to apply to the university through APSU admissions.  Upon acceptance your transcripts will be examined for credit.  Once the transcripts have been examined an advisor will look at the course work and determine whether courses can be substituted or applied to major and degree requirements.  This can be a time consuming process involving multiple departments so it is advisable to start this process as early as possible.  After credits have been applied and substituted appropriately an advisor can assist you with enrolling in additional courses.


Q3: Is this program accredited?

A: Yes! The Medical Laboratory Science program at APSU is accredited by NAACLS and completing the MLT to MT program will allow you to take the ASCP BOC exam to become certified as a Medical Laboratory Scientist (MLS).  Note: This is the same as Medical Technologist.


Q4: Can I qualify for financial aid?

A: You may qualify for financial aid. During the Fall and Spring semesters you will be enrolled in 12 credits each semester.  This is considered a full-time course load.  If you are interested in financial aid, please contact the Office of Financial Aid so they may assist you with this process.


Q5: Can I take courses part-time or start in Spring?

A: No.  You must enroll in the program full-time and begin classes in August.  Currently there is no way to enroll part-time or in the spring semester.


Q6: How do I apply to this program?

A: We accept applications only via our online portal in AHCAS.  Paper applications are not accepted under any circumstances.  Please navigate to our "Online MLT to MLS Program" page to apply. 


Q7: Are all of the classes online?

A: Yes! All courses in the MLT to MT program are offered online as asynchronous courses.  This means that you must complete course work by specific deadlines but you are free to accomplish this at any time day or night.  This will allow students with varying work schedules to take the classes.  Students are not required to come to campus at any time to complete this program.


Q8: Are the online classes as hard as on-ground classes?

A: Yes.  They are the same courses, and by taking 12 credits each semester you will be very busy.  This is the minimum required for full-time student status.  If you are working full-time and taking classes, you will need to make the most of your time.  This will be a difficult 11 months but your experience in Laboratory Medicine should help you understand concepts more easily. 


Q9: Will I get credit for my work experience?

A: Yes! With at least two years' full-time work experience (minimum 4,000 working hours) as a nationally certified MLT in an accredited human diagnostic laboratory, you will be given credit for clinical rotation courses.  


Q10: What about state licensure, does this program meet the requirements for my state of residence?

A: Each state has their own licensure requirements, some may be simple and others more complex.  We cannot possibly track all state requirements, so we encourage each student to decide whether this program meets the requirements of your state.  Please note that all state licensure requirements are subject to change without prior notice. 


Q11: I need more information about the program, who should I contact?

A: Please contact Professor Semler for more information. Email: semlerj@apsu.edu or call us at (931)221-6455.