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Department of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty and Staff


Ms. Jamie Gaither

Academic Assistant to the Chair
Office: MMCS 205
Phone: 931-221-7833
Email: gaitherj@apsu.edu

Jackie Vogel  

Dr. Jackie Vogel

Department Chair and Professor
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, University of Tennessee
Mathematics Education, Online Teaching and Education
Office: MMCS 204
Phone: 931-221-7313
Email: vogelj@apsu.edu

Mary Akinyemi  

Dr. Mary Akinyemi

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Mathematical Finance, University of Manchester
Mathematical Finance
Office: MMCS 203
Phone: 931-221-7834
Email: akinyemim@apsu.edu

Ibukun Amusan  

Dr. Ibukun Amusan

Associate Professor, Faculty Senator
Ph.D. Financial Mathematics, Florida State University
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Office: MMCS 108
Phone: 931-221-1602
Email: amusani@apsu.edu

Masum Bhuiyan  

Dr. Md Al Masum Bhuiyan

Assistant Professor, Pi Mu Epsilon Advisor
Ph.D. Computational Science, University of Texas at El Paso
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Stochastic Modeling
Office: MMCS 128
Phone: 931-221-7964
Email: bhuiyanm@apsu.edu

Kelly Buch  

Dr. Kelly Buch

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Mathematical Biology and Mathematical Ecology
Office: MMCS 119
Phone: 931-221-6536
Email: buchk@apsu.edu

Audrey Bullock  

Dr. Audrey Bullock

Associate Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Education, Tennessee State University
Mathematics Education, Alternative Assessments
Office: MMCS 116
Phone: 931-221-1356
Email: bullocka@apsu.edu

Marylu Dalton  

Dr. Marylu Dalton

Assistant Professor, Middle School Math Contest Coordinator
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Montclair State University
Mathematics Education
Office: MMCS 123
Phone: 931-221-6143
Email: daltonm@apsu.edu



Dr. Rebecca Darrough

Ph.D. Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum in Mathematics Education, University of Missouri at Columbia
K-8th Grade Preservice Teachers and Teaching K-8 Mathematics
Office: MMCS 117
Phone: 931-221-7815
Email: darroughr@apsu.edu

Matthew Ellis  

Mr. Matthew Ellis

Master of Mathematics, University of Tennessee Knoxville
Office: FC Education Center Bldg 203 RM 105, MMCS 202
Phone: 931-221-1604
Email: ellism@apsu.edu



Dr. Brad Fox

Professor, Assistant Chair
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Office: MMCS 109
Phone: 931-221-1274
Email: foxb@apsu.edu

William Glunt  

Dr. William Glunt

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization 
Office: MMCS 238
Phone: 931-221-7844
Email: gluntw@apsu.edu

Matthew Jones  

Dr. Matthew Jones

Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Predictive Analytics
Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech
Probability and Statistics
Office: MMCS 236
Phone: 931-221-7814
Email: jonesmatt@apsu.edu

Beth Kirby  

Ms. Beth Kirby

M.A. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Office: MMCS 122
Phone: 931-221-7809
Email: kirbye@apsu.edu

Nick Kirby  

Dr. Nicholas Kirby

Professor, Galois Math Club Advisor
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Applied Analysis and the Mathematics of Materials
Office: MMCS 239
Phone: 931-221-7804
Email: kirbyn@apsu.edu

Sam Ligo  

Mr. Samuel Ligo

Instructor, Faculty Senator
Master of Engineering, University of Virginia
Office: MMCS 127
Phone: 931-221-1605
Email: ligos@apsu.edu

Dan Mayo  

Dr. Daniel Mayo

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Materials Science, Vanderbilt University
Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics
Office: MMCS 126
Phone: 931-221-7835
Email: mayod@apsu.edu

Kirk Menser  

Dr. David Menser

Ph.D. Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Discrete Mathematics, D-Critical Graphs and Traversability
Office: MMCS 237
Phone: 931-221-7829
Email: menserd@apsu.edu

Ben Ntatin  

Dr. Ben Ntatin

Ph.D. Mathematics, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Global Analysis, Classical Complex Analysis, and Complex Geometry
Office: MMCS 124
Phone: 931-221-7817
Email: ntatinb@apsu.edu

Raman Sahi  

Dr. Ramanjit Sahi

Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Mathematical Finance
Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas
Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Modeling, Risk Analysis, Knot Theory
Office: MMCS 234
Phone: 931-221-7812
Email: sahir@apsu.edu

Sumen Sen  

Dr. Sumen Sen

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Statistics, Old Dominion University
Statistical Modeling, Estimation Techniques
Office: MMCS 240
Phone: 931-221-7827
Email: sens@apsu.edu


Ellen Smyth  

Ms. Ellen Smyth

Master Instructor
Office: FC Education Center Bldg 203 RM 106
Phone: 931-221-1443
Email: smythe@apsu.edu


Tyler Turner  

Mr. Tyler Turner

Senior Instructor
Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences
Office: MMCS 233
Phone: 931-221-7825
Email: turnert@apsu.edu



Andy Wilson  

Dr. Andy Wilson

Professor, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Vanderbilt University
Mathematics Education
Office: MMCS 121
Phone: 931-221-7843
Email: wilsona@apsu.edu


Jennifer Yantz  

Dr. Jennifer Yantz

Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Mathematics Instruction
Ph.D. Mathematics Education, Middle Tennessee State University
Mathematics Education and Actuarial Science
Office: MMCS 113
Phone: 931-221-1607
Email: yantzj@apsu.edu


Visiting, Temporary and Adjunct Instructors

Sean Cather, cathers@apsu.edu

John Garwood, garwoodj@apsu.edu

Mary Beth Grinder, grinderb@apsu.edu

Ryan Honea, honeyr@apsu.edu

Bonnie Steele, steeleb@apsu.edu 

Kathryn Taylor, taylork@apsu.edu 

Ann Turner, turnera@apsu.edu

Steven Wing, wings@apsu.edu