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Department of Mathematics and Statistics Faculty and Staff


Ms. Jamie Gaither

Academic Assistant to the Chair
Office: MMCS 205
Phone: 931-221-7833
Email: gaitherj@apsu.edu


Dr. Samuel Jator

Department Chair and Professor

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Ilorin

Numerical Analysis and Computational Finance

Office: MMCS 204
Phone: 931-221-7313
Email: jators@apsu.edu

Ibukun Amusan  

Dr. Ibukun Amusan

Assistant Professor, Faculty Senator
Ph.D. Financial Mathematics, Florida State University
Financial Mathematics and Actuarial Science
Office: MMCS 108
Phone: 931-221-1602
Email: amusani@apsu.edu


Masum Bhuiyan  

Dr. Md Al Masum Bhuiyan

Assistant Professor, Pi Mu Epsilon Advisor
Ph.D. Computational Science, University of Texas at El Paso
Data Science
Office: MMCS 128
Phone: 931-221-7964
Email: bhuiyanm@apsu.edu

Audrey Bullock  

Dr. Audrey Bullock

Assistant Professor
Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Education, Tennessee State University
Mathematics Education, Alternative Assessments
Office: MMCS 116
Phone: 931-221-1356
Email: bullocka@apsu.edu

Marylu Dalton  

Dr. Marylu Dalton

Assistant Professor, Middle School Math Contest Coordinator
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Montclair State University
Mathematics Education
Office: MMCS 123
Phone: 931-221-6143
Email: daltonm@apsu.edu

Rebecca Darrough  

Dr. Rebecca Darrough

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum in Mathematics Education, University of Missouri at Columbia
K-8th Grade Preservice Teachers and Teaching K-8 Mathematics
Office: MMCS 117
Phone: 931-221-7815
Email: darroughr@apsu.edu


Dr. Brad Fox

Associate Professor, Webmaster
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Graph Theory and Combinatorics
Office: MMCS 109
Phone: 931-221-1274
Email: foxb@apsu.edu

William Glunt  

Dr. William Glunt

Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization 
Office: MMCS 238
Phone: 931-221-7844
Email: gluntw@apsu.edu

Matthew Jones  

Dr. Matthew Jones

Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Predictive Analytics
Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech
Probability and Statistics
Office: MMCS 236
Phone: 931-221-7814
Email: jonesmatt@apsu.edu

Beth Kirby  

Ms. Beth Kirby

M.A. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Office: MMCS 119
Phone: 931-221-7809
Email: kirbye@apsu.edu

Nick Kirby  

Dr. Nicholas Kirby

Associate Professor, Galois Math Club Advisor
Ph.D. Mathematics, University of Kentucky
Applied Analysis and the Mathematics of Materials
Office: MMCS 239
Phone: 931-221-7804
Email: kirbyn@apsu.edu

Sam Ligo  

Mr. Samuel Ligo

Master of Engineering, University of Virginia
Office: MMCS 127
Phone: 931-221-1605
Email: ligos@apsu.edu

Dan Mayo  

Dr. Daniel Mayo

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. Materials Science, Vanderbilt University
Machine Learning and Applied Mathematics
Office: MMCS 126
Phone: 931-221-7835
Email: mayod@apsu.edu

Kirk Menser  

Dr. David Menser

Ph.D. Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Discrete Mathematics, D-Critical Graphs and Traversability
Office: MMCS 237
Phone: 931-221-7829
Email: menserd@apsu.edu


Ben Ntatin  

Dr. Benselamonyuy Ntatin

Ph.D. Mathematics, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany
Global Analysis, Classical Complex Analysis, and Complex Geometry
Office: MMCS 124
Phone: 931-221-7817
Email: ntatinb@apsu.edu


Nell Rayburn  

Dr. Nell Rayburn

Ph.D. Mathematics, Vanderbilt University
Graph Theory
Office: MMCS 203
Phone: 931-221-7834
Email: rayburnn@apsu.edu


Raman Sahi  

Dr. Ramanjit Sahi

Professor, Graduate Coordinator for Mathematical Finance
Ph.D. Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas
Mathematical Finance, Mathematical Modeling, Risk Analysis, Knot Theory
Office: MMCS 234
Phone: 931-221-7812
Email: sahir@apsu.edu


Sumen Sen  

Dr. Sumen Sen

Associate Professor
Ph.D. Statistics, Old Dominion University
Statistical Modeling, Estimation Techniques
Office: MMCS 240
Phone: 931-221-7827
Email: sens@apsu.edu


Ellen Smyth  

Ms. Ellen Smyth

Master Instructor
Office: FC Education Center Bldg 202 RM 106
Phone: 931-221-1443
Email: smythe@apsu.edu


Tyler Turner  

Mr. Tyler Turner

Senior Instructor
Master of Science in Mathematical Sciences
Office: MMCS 233
Phone: 931-221-7825
Email: turnert@apsu.edu



Jackie Vogel  

Dr. Jackie Vogel

Professor, Assistant Chair, Graduate Coordinator for Mathematics Instruction
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, University of Tennessee
Mathematics Education, Online Teaching and Education
Office: MMCS 122
Phone: 931-221-7637
Email: vogelj@apsu.edu


Andy Wilson  

Dr. Andy Wilson

Professor, Dual Enrollment Coordinator
Ed.D. Mathematics Education, Vanderbilt University
Mathematics Education
Office: MMCS 121
Phone: 931-221-7843
Email: wilsona@apsu.edu


Jennifer Yantz  

Dr. Jennifer Yantz

Associate Professor, Faculty Senator
Ph.D. Mathematics Education, Middle Tennessee State University
Mathematics Education and Actuarial Science
Office: MMCS 113
Phone: 931-221-1607
Email: yantzj@apsu.edu


Visiting, Temporary, Adjunct, and Dual Enrollment Instructors

Sean Cather, cathers@apsu.edu, MMCS 202, 221-1604

Matthew Ellis, ellism@apsu.edu

John Garwood, garwoodj@apsu.edu 

Ryan Honea, honear@apsu.edu

Nfii Ndikintum, ndikintumn@apsu.edu 

James Sanders, sandersj@apsu.edu, FC B203 RM 105, 221-1416

Kathryn Taylor, taylork@apsu.edu 

Ann Turner, turnera@apsu.edu, MMCS 119